Black Thugs: “We Gon Kill Trump” [VIDEO]

Black Thugs Threaten to Kill Trump over Food Stamps [VIDEO]

Welcome to Baton Rouge, where the Louisiana Purchase is apparently related to welfare.

Local gang-bangers say they’ll kill the President over their food stamps.

It might be easier to just pawn the gold necklaces for grocery money.

Or here’s a novel idea: they could get jobs. Trump has certainly created enough of them.

The Pathetic Irony

If these thugs made this video about the local high school principal, they could be arrested for a terrorist threat.

In fact, in Charleston, Illinois, a student was just arrested for comments he made on his Facebook page.

An 18 year-old is behind bars after police say he threatened to kill a high school official. Police say Andrew Watts was arrested Friday for threats on the assistant principal’s life. Now he could be looking at felony charges.

It all started on social media. Police says watts made the comments in a public conversation on Facebook. A concerned parent caught wind of it and told the school who interpreted the comments as a threat on the assistant principal’s life. People in town say it’s unsettling to hear.

Andrew Watts’ criminal record could be marked with a felony before he even graduates high school. For some it’s a shock.

Debra Clark of Charleston says, “It’s pretty surprising to me in this small community. Charleston has a really great school district.”

Yet, the aforementioned thugs threatened the President of the United States and it’s acceptable?

Regardless, you can bet Trump won’t be deterred from welfare reform.

According to Bloomberg, Trump’s budget cuts $200 billion from food stamps. And why not?

The program is rife with fraud. We’ve documented SNAP cards being used to buy drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, even lottery tickets.

How is this even possible?!

These thugs represent the culture established during the Era of Obama. These entitled thugs believe they shouldn’t have to actually work for a living. Their money is theirs, but our money is theirs as well. They have used Democrats as gangsters for decades. Now, they fear the gravy train has stopped running.

It has.


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