CHILD ABUSE: Parents Force Kids to Learn to Masturbate

CHILD ABUSE: Parents Force Kids to Learn to Masturbate

Leftists love corrupting children.

Oh, they claim they want to protect children, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Leftists take your most precious creation and defile them. Every system in place has been put there to accomplish this goal. And sex is part of the corruption.

We all know that sexuality is a part of the human existence. Eventually, most of us grow up and enter into adult sexual relationships. But when do we explain sex to children?

Perhaps long ago when life expectancy was 35, you had to learn about sex as a 10-year old. However, one of the joys of civilized life is having lots of it. As life expectancy expanded, so did childhood. When experienced correctly, childhood can be magical. Who wouldn’t want to live the care-free life of a child for as long as possible?

But leftists want children to grow up fast. Why?

Should you speed up all the angst of adulthood? Education, work, and ultimately the most difficult thing of all: relationships.

Look, most children want to grow up faster than we should. Madison Avenue spends a fortune asking kids to do adult things. Little girls see beautiful women in makeup or scantily clad, and we want to be those women. Left to ourselves, we find the “bad boy,” and we know how that ends.

The role of parents is to slow things down for us. Parents teach us that the world will be waiting, and the smarter we are when we cross from Utopia into the jungle, the better.

But I describe conservative parents.

Leftist parents are far different. Most are products of bad childhoods.

So we now live in a country that arrests parents for spanking their kids. And the very leftists who consider your children wards of the state have produced a new video.In the video, parents describe masturbation to very young kids.

Spoiler alert: at the end of the video parents humiliate their children. They ask their children if they have ever masturbated before. But it gets worse.

The children are then made to ask the parents the same question.

The uneasiness of these issues is evident in the body language of the children. I suspect many of you who are reading this had feelings of uneasiness yourselves, and you are adults.

For parents to have this conversation in private is one thing.

But to make a spectacle of sex for the world to see is incomprehensible. Remember, there were multiple cameras; thus a crew of strangers as these children discussed this sensitive topic.

The “talk” is a right of passage for children soon entering adulthood. At a certain age, the body becomes an adult. However, the mind lags behind. Relationships are complicated, and adding sex into it complicates it further. Children need parents to help them navigate the minefield of human emotions and sexuality. What they don’t need is some leftist Reader’s Digest version of sexuality.

Parents, I sincerely hope this is a wake-up call for what this world casts upon our children nowadays. Please play an active and moral role in your kids’ lives. If you won’t, the Left will.

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