CNN CRYBABY Chris Cuomo Can’t Handle Twitter

CNN CRYBABY Chris Cuomo Can’t Handle Twitter

One would think after the constant ass-kickings Cuomo has received by Trump, he would have developed thicker skin.

Apparently that’s not the case. Chris Cuomo cries a river every time someone makes fun of him. And these days, well making fun of Cuomo has become sport.

As a purveyor of Fake News, Cuomo completely sullied his reputation of the past year. In fact, just a few moths ago, we watched as Trump’s adviser Sebastian Gorka went toe to toe with Cuomo over the travel ban. Gorka proved his superior knowledge over the “talking head” Cuomo. Further, on multiple occasions Trump spokespersons forced the misinformed anchor to eat crow on live TV.

Social media has been just as brutal. Cuomo, et al at CNN sit by as President Trump continues to decimate the network with his tweets. So, in an effort to put a tourniquet on the limb, Cuomo decided to fight back.

Actually, “whine back” may be more appropriate.

You can almost hear the “little girl” in him, dying to be heard.

Poor Chris. It must be so hard knowing absolutely no one respects him. Check out what “CNN is ISIS” tweeted about Little Miss Sis.

That’s right, the man who wants to appear smart actually said that just because Michael Brown dealt drugs doesn’t mean he was a drug dealer.

And he wonders why we call CNN “fake news.” These are the same people who say of President Trump, just because he’s president, doesn’t make him president.

Well Cuomo, just because you show up on television, doesn’t make you relevant.

GBDTMP decided to go after Cuomo for wanting little girls to “Suck it up, Buttercup,” when some tranny wants to show them his swamp snake.

Time reported that President Trump said this of Cuomo and equally repugnant Don Lemon:

President Donald Trump says he thinks CNN’s Chris Cuomo looks like a “chained lunatic” on television. CNN’s Don Lemon is “perhaps the dumbest person in broadcasting” and CBSLate Show host Stephen Colbert is a “no-talent guy” who talks “filthy.”

Remember when Cuomo whined that being called “fake news” is the equivalent of being called the N-word?

Kevin Jackson wrote at the time:

I think this may be the Seventh Sign. Or is it the pot calling the kettle black?

CNN Fake News N-Word? What has been equated to the n-word?

Not supporting ObamaCare

Calling Obama by his middle name

The election of Donald Trump

Not supporting Barack Obama

Chris Cuomo could end his whining by doing something very simple. Report the truth.


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