Young Woman Received Death Threats for Wearing ‘MAGA’

Young Woman Received Death Threats for Wearing ‘MAGA’

You all remember the hoopla at the Grammys when singer Joy Villa wore the Trump dress.

The Trump-supporting songstress removed her white, flowing gown to reveal a Trump-inspired dress as she walked down the red carpet, and Hollyweird went crazy. But not in a good way.

26-year-old Villa knew her fashion choice would certainly create controversy. But she decided to showcase her politics anyway. While there was an outpouring of support from conservatives, leftists would have lynched her.

Villa revealed in a recent interview on “The Todd Starnes Show,

“I’ve gotten death threats and hate mail…“All I did was wear a dress–something that was pro-Trump.”

Welcome to the world leftists call “tolerant.”

Villa added,

“I can’t really say I was surprised (by the hatred)…I was prepared for it.”

I’m glad she was, because most people are not.

Speaking from truth and the things we experience at The Black Sphere, one must have titanium resolve when it comes to dealing with leftists. They threaten a member of our team almost daily, but to no avail.

It’s refreshing to see that Villa appears to have the same resolve.

Villa offered that she remains surprised at the vitriol against President Trump.

“They are actually attacking his supporters and attacking him–that are quite honestly disgusting and I’m appalled by it,” Villa said.

On wearing the dress to the Grammys, Villa said she was inspired to do so.

Her political statement had more to do with America electing a president who wasn’t a politician.

One would think that all of America would have celebrated this, however we know the Left have been trained well.

Villa carried her inspiration to song, recording a new song called “Make America Great Again.”

“We decided to combat that violence by doing a tribute and something beautiful,” the singer said.

I want to make sure that Joy Villa knows that The Black Sphere team led by Kevin Jackson is on her side. Further, I hope many of you join me in keeping tabs on Joy Villa. She needs us now more than ever.

If anybody knows Joy personally, she should know that our team can link her to Kevin Jackson’s martial arts friends or special forces friends in any city she performs. They will provide her better protection than the Secret Service.

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