Dem Strategist Explains How Much Clinton Spent Ignoring Black Voters

Dem Strategist Explains How Much Clinton Spent Ignoring Black Voters

Hillary Clinton counted on the black vote.

Because like all Democrats she took the black vote for granted. And she was right to.

All the world knows that most blacks vote Democrats. And in the presidential election of 2016, blacks didn’t disappoint. However, turnout was another thing.

How the Clintons and the Democrats treated blacks left a bad taste in the mouths of blacks. That, and the fact that Obama’s policies crippled the black community. In short, the Democrats proved that even with a black president they will happily still take black people for granted.

As The Daily Caller reported,

Democrats largely ignored black voters during the 2016 presidential election, according to a Thursday op-ed from Center For American Progress Fellow Steve Phillips.

The black activist and author asserted that the Democratic Party and former candidate Hillary Clinton wasted too much of the nearly $1.8 billion spent in the race chasing white supporters of President Donald Trump instead of campaigning in largely black neighborhoods to try and shore up the voter base.

So black leftists got back at the Democrats.

They abandoned Clinton enough that Trump took key states like Pennsylvania and Florida.

And the numbers prove just how small the margin needs to be for Democrats to lose or for Republicans to win, depending on your perspective. In the case of the last election, only 59.6 percent of all black citizens voted, down from 66 percent in 2012.

Black leftists want their share of the election take. However, according to Phillips, the decision to pursue white voters was made in spring 2016. At that time, blacks were cut out of the economics of politics. Progressive groups invested over $200 million in the race, yet only one radio campaign was directed at black communities.

The Democrats have begun planning for 2018. According to Phillips, they have earmarked $750 million for campaigns, and they’d better be smart in their allocation.

“By concentrating their firepower to vote again in 2018, Democrats can take back the House and also win the governor’s office in six key states – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin – for a fraction of their budget, less than $100 million,” Phillips said.

“Too many Democrats sit out midterm elections. Those infrequent Democratic voters hold the key to the balance of power in America,” Phillips continued, adding that, by targeting prior Democratic voters to convince them to vote in low-turnout midterm elections, it’s possible to take control of the 24 seats needed to gain a majority in the House with only about $47.6 million spent.

2018 is lost for the Democrats, as is 2020.

Trump will secure even more of the black vote, as the Democrats’ cries of racism fall flat. Moreover, blacks will experience real success under President Trump, and that impact will affect their devotion to Democrats. If I had to guess, I’d give Trump 20 percent or more of the black vote.

But the bigger issue will be the Democrat defectors and moderates. Both continue to join the president, and that trend will continue, particularly as the Russia discussion dies down. And it will.

The Democrats are old news. Their tactics no long appeal to most special interest groups, most of whom they have marginalized for decades with empty promises. Racism, sexism, and other “isms” no longer work. America wants results.

When you don’t know what you stand for, how can you win the hearts and minds of people? Currently, the Democrats still soul-search for their new message. Exactly how old is the Democratic Party? And they still need a message.

TBS wrote recently of the Democrats’ search for a new message. And here we thought the election of Obama solidified their message. Isn’t it “change we can believe in?”

The Democrats exposed themselves. They’ve never had a message, and they never will. How do you trump “America First?!”

America First Revised?

Democrats’ only hope is that Trump fails. They’ve given Trump the biggest piece of land he’s ever developed, and they hope he won’t make America as luxurious as one of his resorts.

They have a better chance of Obama admitting he was born in Kenya.



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