Democrats Don’t You DARE Look at this Video

Democrats Don’t You DARE Look at this Video

Who says torture has been outlawed?

The idea that torture is illegal is yet again another fallacy of politics. And the very people who fight against torture, practice it the most.

Leftists torture America daily. In fact, the brutality of Leftists confounds the mind. Look at this video of a city that once thrived.

This city is not an anecdote. Instead, this city represents the norm.

What you already know about this city without knowing its name is the city is run by Leftists. And these Leftists hold the taxpayers of this city, county and state hostage. These so-called leaders torture their constituents with schools that don’t teach. These schools exist in crime-infested neighborhood, where nobody wants to live, save a few 80-year-olds who remember when.

As the video runs, you see home after home in a once vibrant neighborhood, and can only imagine what the place looked like years ago. White flight occurred, at the urging of Leftists. Urban decay soon followed, and now childhood homes reside in war zones.

The Chicago Tribune posted a scathing op-ed on Democrat-run cities:

What isn’t discussed enough when riots happen and neighborhoods burn is the one thing most common to all these decaying urban tinderboxes.

They’re run by Democrats.

Baltimore is a Democratic city, Milwaukee is a Democratic city, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on.

This is a most inconvenient truth. This is what binds them.

For decade after decade, Democrats have controlled policy and politics in the broken cities. This is the proof of Democratic success.

The broken schools have been run by Democrats for decades. The broken institutions are run by Democrats.

The political corruption in these cities is Democratic corruption, where government is the hammer used to beat others into forking over their cash.

The corruption tax presses down upon the economic wastelands, where there are no jobs to be had.

Urban school systems remain broken for students and families. Yet they feed the bureaucrats and the vendors who sell goods and services to education bureaucrats.

And the Washington Post came to the rescue during the Republican primary.

The fake news rag implied that Republicans are obsessed with Detroit.

Detroit does not vote for Republicans. In 2012, 97.5 percent of the city went for Barack Obama. The county sheriff is a Democrat, as are the three U.S. representatives whose districts surround the city. The current mayor, the previous mayor, the six mayors before that guy: all Democrats, too.

But Republican aspirants keep turning up there — as Donald Trump plans on Monday to give an economic address — to explain what ails America and how they can fix it. The GOP held one of its primary debates in Detroit in March. Jeb Bush went there early last year to give his first major policy speech back when it looked like he could still become president. Rand Paul did the same in 2013, on a trip that coincided with Republican Party fanfare opening a local “African-American Engagement Office.”

Detroit is a convenient place for Republicans to argue that Democratic ideas have failed even hard-core Democratic voters. Or, as Ted Cruz put it at the March debate: “Let me start by observing that Detroit is a great city with a magnificent legacy that has been utterly decimated by 60 years of failed left-wing policy.”

I tell you what WaPo, substitute Cleveland, Baltimore, Chicago, or whatever and the outcome is the same. Democrat-controlled urban hell holes.

This video should be required viewing before registering to vote.


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