Brave Englishman Confronts TERRORISTS during Protests [VIDEO]

Brave Englishman Confronts TERRORISTS during Protests [VIDEO]

If you want to know how to confront leftist terrorists, this Englishman gives a clinic.

In the midst of leftist terrorists covering their identities in Guy Fawkes masks, this Englishman stands his ground.

They appear to have the numbers. But as with most leftists, they are too chicken to do anything. At one point one of the anarchists challenges him (inaudible), and the man replies, “Have a swing then.”

The anarchists are apparently used to people backing down. But this guy was having none of it.

One anarchist commented, “Hey Buddy all the police have left from behind you mate.”

The man didn’t budge.

For merely not buying the argument of the anarchists, the loud mouth accuses the man of attacking him. The man says {laughing}

If I’d attacked you man, you’d be on the floor bleeding like a f*cking stuck pig.

I’m just an Englishman telling you to piss off.

The man continues to scream, then one person puts his hand on the Englishman. The man becomes even more cool and warns them to take their hands off him.

Eventually, he pushes the guy (wearing dreads).

He makes it clear that he can be pushed too far.

I don’t know this man, but I can tell you he was not concerned about fighting. I suspect he’s actually pretty good at it. You can see after he is touched, his “spatial awareness” increases. He begins to take note of where people are.

Frankly, I wish they had continued to put their hands on him. It was evident to me that a few of the anarchists would have ended up in the hospital. Fortunately for the anarchists, they sensed what I’m explaining.

The tactics of the anarchists should be noted. There was no discussion, as the Englishman tried doing. He explained that he’s an Englishman, and he won’t accept being called anything else. For his non-compliance, he was met with what the anarchists hoped would be intimidation.

And you wonder why Brexit occurred?

Further, people wonder how Trump got elected president?

It’s simple. We won’t be shouted down or intimidated any longer. Leftists have fueled the fire in the conservative electorate, and now we will no longer stand idly by. We will be vocal. And if the Left want to get physical, “I’m your Huckleberry.”

Kudos to this Englishman. He should be an inspiration to many Brits, and many other Americans.

If I can locate him, I will buy him a pint in London, and let him know that at least one person has his back on this side of the pond.

When the Tea Party Community has our first convention, we will try to have this man present as a speaker.



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