EPIC SMACKDOWN: GOP Congressman DESTROYS CNN Anchor over Trump

EPIC SMACKDOWN: GOP Congressman DESTROYS CNN Anchor over Trump

The media doesn’t like President Trump’s tweets.

They didn’t like them when Trump wasn’t president, and they really don’t like them now.

Because Trump’s tweets circumvent and upend the media narratives.

CNN is the worst. So during the Monday edition of CNN’s New Day, co-host Alisyn Camerota argued with Congresssman and former Navy SEAL Scott Taylor (R-VA). The discussion centered around whether the press should give extensive coverage of Trump’s tweets.

She began the interview with “guilt by association.” Camerota tried to associate Trump with the person who tweeted the video about Trump beating up CNN. As she put it, “this wrestlemania stuff of him.”

Some clever person took the video of Trump punching Vince McMahon, except McMahon’s head was replaced with the CNN logo.

Forget the clever symbolism of the video, as Camerota said,

 “It appears that the origin of that video was from the reddit account of someone with just sickening, anti-Semitic and racist rants on the account. What’s your response to this?”

Taylor responded about tweeting to Camerota:

Partial Transcript:

Well, I don’t know anything about what you just said in terms of whose account it was or anything like that. I have no idea. I’ve been critical of the president’s tweets before.

If I could give some objective advice to you: I think you guys are getting played, man. I think every time he does this, you guys overreact, and when I say “you guys,” I mean the media in general, you overreact and you play right into his hands.

“Ironically, CNN reported on him learning politics from the World Wrestling Federation in 2015,” the guest continued, “and now, you’re like: ‘Oh, my god! He’s inciting violence!’ I don’t think most Americans out there that he’s inciting violence from a WWF clip.”

“I’ve watched your segments, and you keep talking about this,” he added. “There’s tons of news out there. Let’s talk about real issues.”

Camerota attempted to justify CNN’s trolling of Trump’s tweets.

“We’ve been told these are official presidential statements,” Camerota replied. “Is the Twitter account of POTUS (President Of The United States) an official statement or not?”

The twitter account of the president could be helpful, if CNN wasn’t so biased.

They certainly seem very selective on what they report.

Regardless, Taylor responded.

“As I said to you, I would prefer the president not make some of these tweets…I’ve been critical on CNN as well, too. … I think you guys, you’ve got to start reporting on news. This is not really news.”

Camerota rationalized the media’s behavior.

“I share your feelings sometimes. What’s confusing sometimes is when the president of the United States focuses on this. … Ninety-four of his tweets are attacks on the media versus 29 on the military and what’s happening with our veterans, so where’s his focus?”

The irony of Camerota bringing up the issue of veterans, given Obama’s neglect of this group.

Taylor responded,

“I didn’t come here to defend the president. When it comes to your focus and the media’s focus, it’s all attacking the president. It’s been that way for a couple of years.”

In short, CNN finds itself on the defensive about their unfair coverage.

Lucky for America, we are getting more people of character willing to hold the media’s feet to the fire.


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