Bangladeshi Immigrant STOLE $132 MILLION from Healthcare

Bangladeshi Immigrant STOLE $132 MILLION from Healthcare

America is the Land of Opportunity. Immigrants used to earn their fortunes. However, when leftists took over, immigrants learned why work for the American dream, when stealing it is much easier.

Such is the case for one immigrant.

The FBI arrested Mashiyat Rashid, a health care executive for cheating Medicare out of $132 million. Reports are that he spent some of the money on a $7 million mansion. And when he was not in his phat home, Rashid was courtside at NBA games. Or he was counting the ill-gotten money he had stuffed in storage units.

According to Detroit News:

bangladeshi immigrant“Federal court records and prosecutors provided new details about the inner workings and riches of a health-care fraud conspiracy that ranks among the largest in Detroit history, orchestrated by 37-year-old businessman Mashiyat Rashid.

Prosecutors say the conspiracy involved recruiting homeless people as patients, sending phony bills to Medicare, subjecting drug addicts to unnecessary back injections and prescribing powerful pain medication that ended up being sold on the street.

The conspiracy generated so much money that Rashid withdrew $500,000 from a bank this month and stuffed the cash in a duffel bag, the government said. A surveillance team of federal agents watched him enter and leave the bank.

“This was a crime of deceit. His fraud was brazen,” Justice Department trial attorney Jacob Foster said Wednesday during Rashid’s bond hearing.

“This was about the thousands and thousands of beneficiaries who were taken advantage of in order for (Rashid) to line his pockets.”

In further irony, Rashid isn’t even a real doctor.

Also, to perpetrate his fraud, he created phony companies. The companies included Tri-County Physicians and National Laboratories, which have offices at Detroit’s iconic Fisher Building.

Last year Medicaid suspended Tri-County:

“Last year, Medicare officials suspended one company, Tri-County Physicians, after a review indicated 100 percent of claims for patient injections should be denied because the procedures were medically unnecessary and lacked documentation,” Foster said.

But that didn’t stop Rashid. The money was simply too easy to obtain.

“He created two new companies, merely changing the name on the door to the existing practice and continued … circumventing Medicare’s rules and regulations by not disclosing his own involvement with the practice.” Foster said.

This week, Rashid’s dirty deeds caught up with him. The FBI raided his fake clinic and arrested Rashid.

If convicted he could face life in prison for healthcare fraud conspiracy, money laundering, and receiving kickbacks.

Hopefully we learn how long Rashid ran his scams, so we can profile others.

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