BACKFIRE: Feminist Tries to Bully Ivanka Trump [VIDEO]

BACKFIRE: Feminist Tries to Bully Ivanka Trump [VIDEO]

Feminists live by hate, so they complain about everything.

Feminists supposedly make less money than men, as life in America doesn’t give them enough opportunities.

When feminists aren’t complaining, they blame men for everything. Men are almost always the reason for their problems. But when they stop blaming men, they get around to blaming women who don’t buy into feminism as they view it.

The most recent events of women hating comes from political hack Joan Walsh. She heavily disapproved of Ivanka Trump’s dress. Yes, a dress is all it took to set off a feminist.

National Review reported:

“On Sunday, Joan Walsh, the author of What’s the Matter with White People, appeared on MSNBC to declare that Ivanka Trump cannot be a feminist because she wore an “incredibly ornamental” and “girlie” dress while representing the United States at a G20 summit meeting.

‌“That’s not a dress that’s made for work,” said Walsh. “That’s not a dress that’s made to go out in the world and make a difference. That is a dress that is designed to show off your girlieness, and you know, God bless her, show it off, but don’t then tell us you’re crusading for an equal place for women at the table, because you’re not.”

A “girlie” dress? Isn’t that statement against all feminist tenets?

Is there such a thing as “girlie” anything in the feminist lexicon?

So what would Ivanka have worn, according to Walsh? A vagina head?

Or perhaps Ivanka would better represent feminism if she donned “homeless” garb and carried signs, protesting, and yelling at the top of her lungs. Would that make Ivanka a better representative of women, than her current style?

I don’t know Ivanka’s motivation, but I suspect she believes there exists enough “nasty women” performing nonsensical speeches, while wearing pink p*ssyhats.

Isn’t it ironic how Walsh temporarily suspended her feminism to attack Ivanka Trump? From my vantage point as a woman mind you, I rather like Ivanka Trump as a role model for women.

Nobody accuses Ivanka of being a dogmatic politico. And frankly, if my son brought home an “Ivanka,” my husband and I would give the “code” look of approval to one another.

However, Walsh sees things through the biased lens of leftism. The talking points established, Walsh must now hate Trump and all his satellites. This includes the lovely, elegant amazing representative of womanhood, Ivanka.

What would Walsh have said had Chelsea Clinton worn Ivanka’s dress?

Funny how all one needs to do to showcase the abject lunacy of leftism is change the name. Or the political party.

We all know that had Chelsea swapped places with Ivanka, Walsh wouldn’t have mentioned the dress, except perhaps to praise it.

Here’s your headline: “Chelsea Clinton secures the future women of women…thanks to her magnificent dress!”

Walsh has made outrageous comments about Trump and his family before.

You may recall in an interview on MSNBC right after the election she said Trump was simply elected because America doesn’t like brown people.

“The really good research that’s taken place since the election shows that fear of a changing America is the number one factor that you can see drive––really divides a white Trump voter from a white non-Trump voter, that it’s fears of brown people, fears of losing the majority,” Walsh said.

Americans voted for Trump as they fear losing the majority. If that’s the case, then why did white people overwhelmingly vote for the black man in the previous election?

Because of her father, Ivanka Trump gives women another seat at the table. Ivanka joins her step-mother in representing women at the highest level, and yet feminists complain.

And Ivanka hasn’t wasted a moment, already bringing women’s issues to the fore. Serious issues discussed openly and honestly by a very serious woman.

However, leftists celebrate women like Beyoncé, Madonna, and that ilk. Cop-haters and a woman who wants to blow up the Trump White House are their idols.

Feminists would do a lot better if they actually attacked the right issues. And those issues don’t rest on the Right side of politics, but instead on the Left.

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