FOX News Suspends Charles Payne: The Nerve of Scottie Nell Hughes

FOX News Suspends Charles Payne: The Nerve of Scottie Nell Hughes

I remember meeting Scottie Nell Hughes for the first time.

At first sight you might find her attractive. I didn’t; but could see how others could.

Looks notwithstanding, what you could not miss was her blind ambition. Instantaneously, I sensed her fakeness.

I figured my encounter with her, at CPAC by the way, would be my last. I had no idea that eventually she would weasel her way into an organization where I consulted. Moreover, within six months the chick was practically running the joint.

I watched how conniving she behaved; truly House of Cards type shit. I was curious as to how she gained the confidence of the owner of the company so fast. But I didn’t even bother to speculate, as it wasn’t my business.

At the time Hughes represented a radio talk show hack host, and she managed to get him a deal with the organization. That impressed me, particularly given that the guy had no talent, just ego. It became clear to even the casual observer, that the two had more than just a client/agent relationship. Rumors surfaced that somebody walked in on the two of them making the “beast with two backs,” but I didn’t see it. Regardless, I felt it was none of my business.

What I learned in my short time knowing Hughes is that she is a relentless self-promoter.

I watched as she climbed the ladder doing more and more media. I chuckled that anybody actually took her seriously, but that wasn’t my call.

Our paths divided after CPAC one year. The company tried to stiff me on expenses, and Hughes’ ego was out of control. A few months later however, we both attended an event in DC. After the day’s panels ended, Hughes asked if I wanted to join her and others for dinner. I declined. I honestly didn’t want to be around her, as I knew her type. She would smile in your face and cut your throat like that chick in the movie Gone Girl.

As for the others, guilt by association.

You never know how Hughes will present her lie to an innocent event. I wouldn’t run the risk. Know this, when a woman like Hughes puts a fatwa out on you, you will never see it coming.

About a month or so after DC, a mutual acquaintance of mine and Hughes told me about a “reply all” email that was sent out to Fox that caused a stir.

Apparently, Hughes had begun a relationship with Charles Payne by then.

In the memo (I didn’t see it), Hughes supposedly thought a message from Payne was sent only to her. Instead Payne sent the message to a large group. Further, the memo requested a response from all who might want to appear on a show with Charles.

Hughes responded to all. And her response alluded to her performing fellatio on Payne. Moreover, Hughes made it clear that this wasn’t their first encounter.

I didn’t hear anything of Hughes for a while. There was the occasional CNN hit, but generally I didn’t see her in media and certainly not elsewhere.

Which brings me to the present.

A PR firm wanted me to interview Hughes for my radio show. However, I declined. I told the firm that I don’t find her relevant or remotely interesting.

A few days later, one of our old running buddies informed me that Hughes was running for Congress. I was surprised to hear this but didn’t care. I retorted, “I’m not surprised, as even a Congressional loser can build a pretty nice career.”

And then I got the news about Charles Payne.

As the LA Times reported,

Payne’s suspension was announced by Fox Business Network following his program “Making Money,” and shortly after the Los Angeles Times first reported the investigation.

“We take issues of this nature extremely seriously and have a zero-tolerance policy for any professional misconduct,” a Fox Business Network representative said in a statement. “This matter is being thoroughly investigated and we are taking all of the appropriate steps to reach a resolution in a timely manner.”

Payne, who hosts “Making Money” on the network and appears on various other programs, has acknowledged what he described as a three-year “romantic relationship” with a married female political analyst who frequently appeared on Fox Business Network and Fox News Channel from 2013 to 2016. Payne admitted to the extramarital affair in a statement to the National Enquirer published Wednesday that included an apology to his wife, children and friends.

My phone and email began blowing up, as people know I am a Fox News contributor and an acquaintance of Charles.

Frankly, I thought that chapter of Charles’ life closed. The man made a mistake. I’m sure he paid the price.

But when I learned this from the LA Times, I was able to put two and two together.

That relationship is now being reviewed after the woman contacted Fox’s law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison last month to report her allegations of sexual misconduct. The woman, who worked for CNN last year, had a representative tell the firm she believed she was eventually blackballed from the network after she ended the affair in 2015 and tried to report Payne to top executives at Fox News, according to two sources familiar with her complaint.

The Los Angeles Times is not naming the woman because she alleges that she was coerced into a sexual relationship with Payne under threat of reprisals.

Neal Korval, an attorney representing Payne, said the anchor “categorically denies” having committed any acts of sexual harassment against the woman. Korval said Payne will respond to the woman’s allegations in court if a complaint is served.

Hughes is the culprit.

According to the Huffington Post,

Conservative analyst Scottie Nell Hughes has accused Charles Payne, a Fox Business host, of sexual harassment, multiple sources tell HuffPost. The Los Angeles Times was the first to report that an analyst who used to appear on the network had accused Payne of sexual harassment, but the paper did not name the accuser. The network has suspended Payne pending further investigation, according to a source familiar with the matter.

From what I know about Hughes, Charles Payne shouldn’t be the patsy. And neither should Fox News.

The idea that Hughes or anybody else under those circumstances should torpedo a career of a good guy who did a bad thing, and then hit the lotto by suing Fox News is preposterous.

It won’t take long for Fox News people to put Charles Payne back on the air, and hopefully counter-sue Scottie Nell Hughes.

I plan to update this story soon!


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