Guess What Happens When Sheriff Allows Transgender Man in Women’s Jail

Guess What Happens When Sheriff Allows Transgender Man in Women’s Jail

If I go to jail, I will declare to be a woman.

I just want my family, friends, and fans to know my intentions ahead of time.

Oh, I won’t actually be a woman, but I want the perks…other women. And just what this industrious man figured out.

As Fox 2 reported,

An investigation is underway at a southeast Missouri jail over a transgender inmate after complaints emerged about inappropriate contact.

This came after April Chambers of St. Louis said her daughter, who is also an inmate at the Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, called home to tell her all about it.

“She said, ‘They put a man in here with us,’” Chambers said.

“I said, ‘What do you mean they put a man there?’ She said, ‘He looks like a woman in the face but, he’s having sex with the girls in here.’”

The sheriff’s office said as soon as the office heard about the incident, authorities took steps to separate the transgender individual and the female inmates.

But Chambers said she’s wondering how this could have happened in the first place.

“If she’s incarcerated, I’m thinking she is gonna be incarcerated and being held solely with women, not with women and men,” Chambers said.

“Something was thoroughly overlooked by putting a man in the pod with those women,” she continued.

The sheriff’s office said that authorities followed federal laws. In a statement to FOX 2, the office explained:

“At the time of intake, the inmate indicated that they view themselves as female.

“They requested a female to do the intake process with them. Because of that, we followed the standard that says that transgendered inmate should be housed with women.”

The office went on to say that currently the transgender inmate has been segregated and will remain that way while the investigation continues.

The Left certainly can’t be surprised by any of this.

We have men playing women’s sports and dominating. We’ve chronicled tranny after supposed tranny, and I’ve warned feminists about their mission. It’s self-defeating.

Now men are going to women’s prisons?!

There is an upside, as the LGBTQ community, specifically Lesbians get a win.

In this case. the “tranny” man apparently is having sex with the women in the prison. Lots of sex in fact. However, since he is a tranny, this must be looked at as lesbian sex, ergo no harm no foul.

I remember being arrested for identity theft (I was erroneously identified, as somebody stole my identity). As I sat in the main area, the jail put men on one side and women on the other. We were told not to fraternize. I felt like I was in a Sharia court.

“Don’t even look at the women,” one jailer advised.

Admittedly, I looked. Because that’s what I do, I people watch. I was innocent, so why not actually break the rules, damn it!

Anyway, what I should have done is declared to be a woman. Just made it easier to scope the ladies. But changing genders is more than that. It could be a protection mechanism.

By going to the women’s prison, men don’t have to deal with the booty bandits. How many men who have been brutalized in lockup wish they could have declared to be a woman at the beginning, versus having a few big powerful male inmates declare it for them?

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