Chuck Schumer Sinks to LOWEST Approval Rating EVER in New York

Chuck Schumer Sinks to LOWEST Approval Rating EVER in New York

Chuck Schumer is another leftist relic who should have left politics decades ago.

Perhaps people, check that, Democrats finally realize what conservatives have known for some time. Schumer is toxic.

Recently Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan used that word to describe Democrats. He was speaking of Schumer. What a polarizing figure Schumer is. The man epitomizes partisan hack.

President Trump has made a couple of the same moves as Obama, and Schumer hammers Trump. Needless to say Schumer was completely silent with Obama or hypocritically agreed with Obama.

Times they are a changin.’ America First resonates with Americans. And with President Trump crushing the fake news media, Schumer finds himself caught in the riptide.

A new poll released by Siena College shows Schumer’s ‘block at all cost’ strategy is hurting his standings among New Yorkers.

Siena College poll released on Thursday found that 37 percent of New Yorkers have an unfavorable opinion of Schumer. This approval rating represents Schumer’s worst rating ever in this category. Further, the poll also rated Schumer’s favorability among New Yorkers at its lowest point ever.

As I warn with all polls, consider these polls are heavily weighted towards leftists. So the news is worse than it appears. Schumer and other leftists have bet on their obstructionist strategy, and polls suggest the strategy has failed.

I was on French TV where leftists argued that Trump can’t fill posts in his government. They acted as if the lack of filled positions proves Trump to be a novice. However, as the Washington Examiner reported recently, Senate Democrats have filibustered two-thirds of President Trump’s picks to fill administration posts.

This tactic, as well as the Left’s “Russia gambit” are the reasons Schumer (and Democrats in general) find themselves in big trouble.

As President Trump continues towards “Rock Star” status, undoing all the nonsense of the Obama administration, leftists fight for no reason. Trump’s recent declaration that he would allow Obamacare to fail gave Schumer renewed hope.

Now Schumer, et al pretend that Trump wants Americans to die. In fact that’s what Trump tries to prevent. By letting Obamacare remain, President Trump implies that the legislation will die from its own weight.

So the hyperbole by Schumer, accusing President Trump of “actively trying to undermine the healthcare system in this country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game” will fall on deaf ears.

Leftists are used to facing Republican pansies. That ilk has become used to losing. Those days are over.

Trump is a winner. And like with the travel order, he will get his way on a new healthcare plan. After Obamacare fails, as President Trump said, the Democrats will come crawling back on healthcare.

Know that Democrats feel the pressure. According to CNS, Schumer told the news conference:

Now, it’s getting clearer and clearer that Senate Republicans won’t be able to pass either their bill or a backup plan of repeal without replacement. We Democrats believe that the time has finally come for our Republican colleagues to take us up on our offer of working together to improve the health care system rather than sabotage it.

Evidently, President Trump is proposing a different path. He wants to throw up his hands rather than roll up his sleeves to work with us and solve the problem. But let’s be very clear about what the president is proposing and where his path would lead. The President would not be quote, “‘letting Obamacare collapse.’ He is active, actively trying to undermine the health care system in this country, using millions of Americans as political pawns in a cynical game.

By continuing to deny the insurance markets their certainty that they need to function, the President is playing a dangerous game with the health care of this country. So our Republican colleagues here in the Senate have a choice to make.

They can follow the President down a path that will lead to higher premiums, less care, and millions of Americans losing coverage. They can join President Trump in trying to sabotage the system and hurt millions of innocent Americans to try and make a political point that has failed already.

Or they can start today working with Democrats. We can work together to lower premiums…to stabilize the markets…to improve the quality of health care.

People are more concerned about jobs, than insurance.

And as soon as Trumpcare kicks in and premiums drop, the Democrats will have some explaining to do.

In fact, based on Schumer’s poll numbers, the clock ticks on his explanation.

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