Hillary Clinton LIVID at Latest Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton LIVID at Latest Poll Numbers [VIDEO]

We all know the Clintons have lost their juice.

Bill Clinton used to be the big swinging pecker on campus, but now he’s just a lecherous old fart. And his wife hasn’t fared much better.

As WaPo reported,

Most of the time, the candidates who lose presidential elections collect a consolation prize: grudging public respect. With the campaigns over, with the negative ads bundled up for a museum, the defeated candidates slowly edge back into public life. They teach college classes. They appear in Viagra ads…star in Netflix documentaries. Within six months or so, people ask themselves: “Hey, why couldn’t this loser have shown this side of himself last year? I’d have voted for him!”

Enter: Hillary Clinton, the first modern candidate to break this rule. According to Bloomberg’s new polling, just 39 percent of Americans view Clinton favorably. One month ago, Gallup found 41 percent of Americans viewing her favorably.

“Seven months after her loss, Clinton’s image remains near its record low since 1992 — even though prior losing candidates’ images improved after their defeats,” Gallup marveled.

Keep in mind these are polls that lean Democrat and Independent.

Further, these polls are with a complicit media industrial complex that attempts daily to convince America that the Clintons are relevant.

WaPo asked, “Why is this happening?” Then they gave their answer.

Simple. Many people, including the president of the United States, refuse to let the 2016 election end. Few defeated candidates loom as large in our national conversation as Hillary Clinton, who has been some combination of famous and infamous since 1991. With that size comes an unusually lengthy half-life, as political actors who could move on have no idea how to frame their arguments without her.

WaPo was half right, in that the reason Hillary Clinton is unpopular to an unprecedented degree is due to Hillary Clinton. However, the fake news WaPo is wrong to blame President Trump in any way.

Yet, WaPo says this of President Trump:

The president can’t quit Hillary. This is fairly obvious — unusually for a victorious president, Trump cannot stop talking about the candidate he defeated. He rates the controversies facing his administration on whether the media did enough to cover controversies facing Clinton.

I recall President-elect Trump issuing an olive branch to Hillary Clinton, when he said he wouldn’t go after her for her crimes.

I and most of conservative America felt anger over this, as Hillary Clinton deserved prosecution for her crimes and the cover-ups.

Regardless, Trump showed mercy, and likely felt the Clintons would heal from their wounds and eventually join him. They didn’t.

At first Hillary Clinton emerged from her rat hole and played nice. She encouraged people to support our 45th president. Then Clinton went on the attack. And she has been attacking President Trump ever since.

We documented our thoughts around a video Hillary Clinton made for the DNC in Feb of this year.

Hillary lauded protesters, arguing that these entitlement-minded, criminal thugs are America’s future.

“From the women’s march, to airports, where communities are welcoming immigrants, refugees, and people of every faith, to town hall meetings where people are speaking up for healthcare, the environment, good jobs, and all the other issues that deserve our passionate support. Among those millions making their voices heard, are future [leaders].”

They have no power in Washington, so Hillary told liberals to continue protesting the election winners. Instead of “working across the aisle” as she promised, Hillary fosters further division in America.

“Now, more than ever, we need to stay engaged … with everyone who wants a better, stronger, and fairer America.  We as Democrats must move forward with courage, confidence, and optimism, and stay focused on the elections we must win.”

Truth be told, Hillary Clinton hasn’t dropped in the polls.

Her poll numbers have been tainted since the Left’s coronation of her as America’s new king. The original polls of Clinton’s likability were bogus and so are recent polls. In both cases Hillary fared worse than the numbers indicate.

Most Americans detest the Clintons. This was proven time and again in “reality polls” where nobody showed up for either of them. And if they aren’t scratching the backs of big wigs, the Clintons couldn’t get enough people to want to see them to fill a telephone booth.

This poll is the closest the media will come to admitting the irrelevance of the Clintons. So, I give them credit for that. What I’d really like to see are real polls of Obama and other leftists. The world needs to know about the conservative mandate, a mandate for sanity to return to life.


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