Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Admission

Hillary Clinton Makes Shocking Admission

What level of desperation must Hillary Clinton be at to admit this?

She’s a nasty woman!

I know. “Tell us what we don’t know.” But Hillary Clinton is more than nasty, she’s evil.

Do they have a shirt for that?!

One statement from Donald Trump created an industry.

The Left put a lot of hope in the nasty woman comment.

They needed something to boost Clinton’s fortunes, and thus hoped the comment would cause women to rally behind the then only once-failed presidential candidate. But it didn’t.

Regardless, one has to wonder why Democrat women would want to be considered nasty? Why wear nasty as a badge of honor?

I get that nasty goes against the grain. It’s like Occupy Wall Street not bathing. If you never ran into one of these miscreants, consider yourself lucky. They smelled like ten-days of funk wrapped in doo doo. You actually smelled them before you saw them.

When I was impaneled for a jury against one of them, about 10 others showed up for support. It was all we could do to breathe. Luckily, I wasn’t selected for the jury. But when I walked by the kids, they weren’t bad looking. Two of the girls were actually cute. But I couldn’t in my wildest dreams imagine being with her naked without throwing up from the smell.

Those chicks were nasty women.

Perhaps the nasty girls Hillary Clinton and Samantha Bee hope to merchandise on are not just about body odor. Maybe they want to be “free” with their sexuality? I thought they already were.

Sure, old-fashioned notions still exist about women being a bit more chaste than men. However, I don’t think many people are keeping score these days. Regardless, the Clintons didn’t raise Chelsea to be a nasty woman. In fact, my bet is Chelsea would never hold a nasty woman shirt, and you can bet the farm she wouldn’t wear it.

So why does Hillary Clinton sport the shirt with that sh*t-eating grin on her face?

NPR spoke of nasty woman, Elizabeth Warren, saying what Hillary Clinton wouldn’t.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren ripped into Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton’s behalf at a rally in New Hampshire on Monday. Warren was playing the role of a sassy friend with the snark to say the things Clinton either could or would not say.

“Get this, Donald. Nasty women are tough. Nasty women are smart. And nasty women vote,” Warren told a crowd of an estimated 4,000 folks bundled in jackets and vests on the campus of Saint Anselm College in Manchester, surrounding by blazing orange and red fall foliage. “And, on Nov. 8, we nasty women are going to march our nasty feet to cast our nasty votes to get you out of our lives forever.”

Things didn’t go well for the nasty woman. They rarely do.

There is a reason girls become nasty women. Usually it’s lack of a father.

However, in the case of leftists, it may be because of a father; perhaps one who molested them. You can bet where there is a nasty woman, there was a leftist man who created her.

Hillary Clinton now wants to influence women to become nasty. Just like her.



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