NO KIDDING: Hillary Clinton to Help Dems in 2018 Mid-Terms

NO KIDDING: Hillary Clinton to Help Dems in 2018 Mid-Terms

Talk about a trombone player with a pager.

Hillary Clinton is an optimist!

Still breathing the fumes of “hope and change,” Hillary Clinton thinks she’s relevant. Thus, according to The Hill,

Hillary Clinton wants to play a role in next year’s midterm elections. It’s just not clear yet what that role will be.

Clinton has already launched a PAC aimed at helping congressional Democratic candidates in 2018, signaling the former first lady, senator and Secretary of State is ready to help her party with fundraising.

She also is looking at the House districts she won in last year’s presidential contest against Donald Trump as part of an autopsy of her failed campaign, according to two sources who have spoken to the former Secretary of State.

I must admit, the thought of Clinton helping campaigns intrigues me.

I’m curious as to which Democrat politician believes Hillary Clinton adds any value to his or her ticket?


Any Democrat moronic enough to enlist Clinton’s support certainly doesn’t deserve to be elected. Actually, not even CONSIDERED!

The article continues,

It’s at least possible she’ll lend a hand on the campaign trail — particularly in the 23 districts held by Republicans where voters preferred her over Donald Trump for the White House.

“She’s very well aware of how she performed in those districts,” said one longtime Clinton confidant who has spoken to the former Democratic nominee.

“She knows she won Darrell Issa’s district by 8,” the confidant said, referring to the California Republican who is a top Democratic target. “She knows she came close in about a handful of others. She has studied this stuff thoroughly.”

Ok, I get it. Hillary Clinton wrote this article.

When you read it carefully, you see that nobody has actually even alluded to Clinton helping. It’s a “longtime Clinton confidant”…let’s just call him “Bill,” who broached the subject.

As for strategy, the article explains how the Democrats will utilize Clinton:

Democrats are focused on the Golden State as they seek to win back the House majority.

Ellen Tauscher —a Clinton ally and former California congresswoman— along with a longtime aide Katie Merrill, have started a super PAC focused on seven of the so-called “split districts” in that state that voted for Clinton but backed a Republican candidate for the House.

Just so we are clear, the Democrats plan on winning California!

And I love how they explain the strategy further. It seems they at least recognize they have no strategy and no leader.

Democrats are still mapping out a game plan for 2018 along with a message for their rudderless party. But another Clinton confidant said part of the plan might be to have Clinton campaign for candidates in the places where she won.

But according to “Bill,” Hillary Clinton would be a big help.

“No one can argue that Clinton helping in those areas wouldn’t be helpful,” the confidant said. “That is a priority for her.”

In May at the Code Conference, Clinton unfolded her pipe dream.

“Everything will change if we win in 2018,” she said at the conference. “We have to flip 24 seats. I won 23 districts that have a Republican Congress member, seven of them are in California.

“If we can flip those, if we can go deeper into where I did well, where we can get good candidates, I think flipping the House is certainly realistic. It’s a goal that we can set for ourselves,” she continued.

Sounds easy enough, though I did detect a lot of “ifs.”

Let’s see how many Congressmen take Hillary Clinton up on her offer to help.

Over and under is 1. Taking bets now.



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