If Obama Had a Son: Teen Blasts ‘F*** Tha Police’ During Slain Cop’s Funeral

If Obama Had a Son: Teen Blasts ‘F*** Tha Police’ During Slain Cop’s Funeral

In what should come as no surprise, a NYC teen did the unthinkable.

As thousands of police officers mourned the death of Officer Miosotis Familia, assassinated as she sat in her police vehicle last week, a teen blasted NWA song “F— Tha Police” from his apartment.

According to the New York Post,

Julien Rodriguez, 16, said he found the experience “satisfying” as his older brother and best friend had been unjustly killed by police.

“Since they did not show respect for my brother and my friend, why should I show respect to them?” he told The New York Post.

If Obama had a son.

It’s interesting when these kids say things like, “my older brother and best friend were unjustly killed by police.” Sure. Exactly what is his definition of “unjustly?”

You can bet that both his brother and best friend were criminals of the highest order. Rodriguez, like most leftists rationalizes crime. His brother and best friend had good reason to commit their crimes, and who are law enforcement to stop them. After all, their crimes provided for the family.

The article continues,

Around 20 law enforcement officials then went to the teenager’s door to ask him to stop the music. The teen says he finally apologized to the officers because the building superintendent allegedly threatened to evict him and his family.

“I apologized because it was between the house and apologizing,” he said.

I’m glad the building manager had the good sense to threaten the kid for playing his music too loud. The shock would be if he told the kid disrespecting law enforcement would get him evicted.

But as the article suggest, “Obama’s son” has a modicum of humanity, right?

However, the teen did say he felt sorrow over the death of Miosotis Familia.

“I feel sympathy for that, because all she was trying to do was take bad people off the street,” he said. “It was wrong because she did not do anything wrong but at the same time, my bro and my best friend died for no reason.”

Back to Rodriguez’ brother and best friend.

As I mentioned, if these two exist, they were criminals. But do they exist at all?

As the article suggests, perhaps not.

Rodriguez provided The Post with the names of both his brother and his best friend, whom he claims were killed, but The Post could not find any public records of their deaths.

But Rodriguez wasn’t the only one who disrespected the police.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio got his pound of flesh as well. As I wrote at the time,

In a move that has backfired, de Blasio jetted off to Germany on Thursday with several staffers.  An obvious boondoggle, de Blasio blazed a carbon-footprint violating trip to Deutschland under the guise of studying global climate change.

You know things work with the Left. You’re inconspicuous by your absence. Global warming is the new fashion, and everybody who’s anybody must declare his allegiance.

So what a police officer had been ambushed and killed only days earlier and the funeral pending. Oh, and that NYPD swearing-in ceremony could wait too.

As reported by the New York Post,

The day after a cop was assassinated in The Bronx, de Blasio skipped an afternoon swearing-in ceremony for 524 new NYPD recruits ahead of his flight overseas.  A last-minute advisory from City Hall said Hizzoner ‘will attend several events surrounding the G20 Summit, including Saturday’s Hamburg Zeigt Haltung rally.’

The NYPD made sure de Blasio knew of their displeasure.

During the funeral proceedings, hundreds of NYPD police officers turned their backs on him at the ceremony.

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