Illegal Immigrants Stole More than ONE MILLION Identities

Illegal Immigrants Stole More than ONE MILLION Identities

Heard of identity theft?

Think it’s some runaway who jacked your wallet or pocketbook, while you shopped? Or perhaps you think it’s the Nigerians?

Regardless of who steals your identity, the likelihood of it ending up in the hands of an illegal is pretty good.

Yet the Left declares allowing illegals in America humanitarian. Spoken like people who haven’t been the victims of identity theft.

Let’s recap the crimes of illegals, shall we.

First, entering the country illegally. Next, stealing the identity from a citizen.

You know the drill from the Left. Illegal immigration is a victimless crime the Left proclaim. If you’ve been arrested as I have due to identity theft, you may not feel the crime to be “victimless.” To clean up my ID theft, I paid over $15,000 and that was years ago.

The studies show that illegal immigrants in the U.S. have stolen at least 1.4 million identities. Further, they actively use their new identities to commit fraud. The situation is complicated, widespread and unquestionably bad for the citizens of America.

As American Liberty wrote:

A report from 2015 shows the depth of the problem.

A total of 1.4 million cases of identity fraud were identified, and the report estimates that a total of 2.4 million cases could have occurred. These examples of fraud are unique and bear strange consequences. In most cases, the illegal immigrants are filing W-2s to be allowed to work. Because they aren’t here legally, they have Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs). These numbers are not sufficient to be legally hired, so the immigrants use false social security numbers (SSNs) to get through the paperwork. The report shows that 87 percent of ITIN workers are doing this. The IRS is trying to justify this enormous problem by saying that they are at least collecting revenue from illegal workers. This is patently false.

Tax Problems

This wouldn’t be such a major issue if it worked the way the IRS report claimed. Illegal immigrants are filing for taxes, but they aren’t the ones responsible for payments. Instead of having their wages deducted and contributing to the system, they are inflating reported income for innocent citizens. The IRS tracks taxes by SSN, so citizens with compromised identities are the ones on the hook for the extra taxes, and in many cases, they are pushed into higher tax bracket rates that they can’t afford.

I worked on cases like this for the former INS agency.

In one case we worked on, an employer had over 120 people who used the same social security number.

Imagine how the real owner of the SSN felt when the IRS declared that he or she had earned over $1.4 million that year, for example. That’s exactly what happened in the case I worked on. And believe me, the IRS didn’t care about the man’s problems.

The article continues,

Stolen Identities

The majority of these tax fraud cases aren’t as simple as what you just read. In about 10 percent of cases, it becomes more sinister. For these unlucky Americans, their identities aren’t just stolen for the sake of reporting illegal income. In addition to the tax problems, identity theft is used to steal money from these victims and ruin their credit. Estimates suggest that this is the case for anywhere between 100,000 and 300,000 cases.

Enforcing the Law

Perhaps the most frustrating part of this whole issue is law enforcement. The IRS has their hands tied pretty tightly. They aren’t allowed to partner with Homeland Security or other agencies to rapidly identify all of the fraudulent workers. This is the primary reason they have accounted for less than half of all cases. Even worse, identify protection laws prevent them from even informing most victims that there is a problem in the first place. In other words, there are over a million cases where the IRS is overcharging taxes, knows about it and is not allowed to inform wronged parties of the situation. It’s difficult to imagine this issue being handled more ineffectively.

America has a LEGAL immigration system.

That is the ONLY system we should support.

How many times should conservatives indulge the madness of the Left? Answer: none!

We must make the Left pay for their bad decisions. Let them foot the bill for identity theft and they will end it with a quickness.



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