Scared of Trump: ISIS Fighters Do the UNTHINKABLE

Scared of Trump: ISIS Fighters Do the UNTHINKABLE

One can only imagine what ISIS was thinking just over six months ago.

The terrorist group had the world on a string. They have the BEST American president they could hope for. A “homeboy,” in fact.

But now those days are over. President Trump boasted that he would wipe ISIS off the face of the Earth. And he meant it.

Remember what he did to ISIS when he was but a wee toddler of a president. Holy Mother of Einstein.

And now ISIS is so afraid, some of their fearless fighters resort to drastic measures to escape. According to The Daily Mail, ISIS is doing the unthinkable to avoid battle.

A Jihadist attempted to flee Mosul in a disguise similar to a pantomime dame but was caught when he forgot to shave off his beard and mustache.

The ISIS fighter was trying to get away from the former militant stronghold as the city was recaptured but didn’t quite get his escape plan right.

Dressed in women’s clothes and with elaborate makeup, the bearded man forgot to get rid of his facial hair.

In one image, a fighter forgot that not shaving his facial hair off would be a problem as he attempted to dress as a woman to flee

In photos released by the Iraqi army after his capture, the man can be seen to have slathered on powder, eyeshadow, and lipstick, even adding some beauty spots.

But the large mustache and beard as well as full eyebrows, rather give the game away.

Do these men remember what women look like?

How do you not bother to shave, Caitlyn? And cover the “Adam’s apple.”

Check out this specimen. He’s obviously going for the “American feminist” look.

At least he had the good taste to separate the unibrow.

He, {ahem} she looks drunk. I certainly hope he is, as to allow yourself to be photographed like this sober speaks volumes.

Actually, I suspect this guy may not really be escaping. Talk about your half-hearted effort to look presentable. The more I think on this, the more I’m convinced this guy was reading himself for “anal jihad” on

Because there is NO way this jihadi could believe he would pass as a chick.

And can you imagine the smell?

Holy Mother of Cyrano de Bergerac, I bet the smell of one of these cowards would singe your nose hairs. And you can bet your nose would be of no more use to you.

For those who are trying to escape, the article continues to describe the way these terrorists flee from ISIS:

Other photos released by the army show the men in padded bras as they try to slip through the net and out of the city.

President Trump promised to crush ISIS, and apparently it’s working.

The  leader, who declared a caliphate from Mosul, Iraq in 2014, is currently on the run as his  cult faces ruin.

Baghdadi is said to be hiding in the thousands of square miles of deserts between the Iraqi stronghold and ISIS’s main territory in Raqqa, .

ISIS fighters are close to defeat in both cities with opposition forces eating large swathes of territory and pushing the extremists out.

Sadly, Obama didn’t experience the success of President Trump. But then again, how could he? Obama gave birth to ISIS and funded them.


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