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Female Sniper Has ISIS Pissing Their Pants

Female Sniper Has ISIS Pissing Their Pants

The Left’s feminist movement does not empower women.

It promotes false equality issues that do not exist. And it encourages shameful behavior that is insulting to females everywhere.

Western feminists could take a lesson from ACTUAL powerful women around the world fighting for freedoms we take advantage of everyday.

Incredible footage of a female Kurdish fighter engaged in hunting ISIS terrorists has emerged, showing her laughing off an enemy’s bullet that just barely passed by her head.

One journalist responded to the scene by explaining, “Kurdish women know no fear.”

Via the Daily Mail:

Hemze Hamza shared a video on Twitter of a woman from the Women’s Protections Units engaged in a shootout in Raqqa City.

The woman is peering out over a ledge inside a building, shooting at a target off camera.

In a flash, she is nearly hit too, with a bullet coming dangerously close to her head and ricocheting off the side of the wall.

But far from appearing scared or shaken, she laughs to her colleagues and pokes her tongue out another.

The journalist who posted the video then said, “Your average human being would be scared for life after being so close to death but she kept laughing.”

These females are our modern day Wonder Women fighting with strength and dignity for their families.

So, who are these fearless Kurdish Women?

They are called The YPJ. From the Kurdish Project:

“YPJ is an acronym whose translation means “Women’s Protection Units.” It is the all-female brigade of the YPG, the armed forces of the Syrian region of Kurdistan, known as Rojava (meaning Western) Kurdistan.

The YPJ have been essential in the battle to take back control of Kobani, a town sitting on the boarder of Turkey and Syria, from ISIS.

In the defense of Kobani, it was reported that up to 40% of the resistance fighting force against ISIS was made up of Kurdish women.

For decades, women in Kurdistan have been standing up against suppressive governments and patriarchal society. Only in recent years have Kurdish women been recognized for their bravery defending their homelands, and for their leadership in local government.

These women fighters know that, if captured, they will be raped and killed; therefore they fight knowing that they must succeed in battle or become a suicide warrior to avoid being captured.

These women are feared by ISIS fighters who believe that if a female kills them in battle, it will be a disgrace and dishonor, and will prohibit them from entering paradise.”

As western feminists fight for the right to kill their babies and rip their families apart, the Kurdish women fight to keep theirs together.

Women in the United States and Western Europe are the freest and most liberated in human society. It makes you wonder if these women in other countries fighting for their families, freedom, and very lives sit back and have a good laugh at feminists’ behavior in America.

Women like Ashley Judd, Madonna, and Alicia Keys pretend to fight for women by wearing a hijab, the Muslim symbol of female oppression, as they wholly ignore the daily plight of women like the Kurdish fighters.

If any of these “feminists” were drafted into combat, they wouldn’t last a day.

Feminists make a mockery of the real war on women happening around the world. Sadly, leftism provides the perfect environment to entertain this delusion.

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