Latest Trump Video That Has CNN Whining like Leftists [VIDEO]

Latest Trump Video That Has CNN Whining like Leftists [VIDEO]

The press doesn’t get it.

The more they complain about President Trump kicking their collective asses, the more they get their asses kicked.

I’m not sure who made the video of Trump body-slamming CNN, then punching out their lights, but they certainly got it right. So much so, that one CNN anchor whined to Twitter, asking the CEO to delete the president’s account.

Ever since the media picked the fight with Trump, they have learned what happens when the bully gets challenged. For decades the press bullied conservatives and Republicans. And for the most part we’ve taken it.

Every day these playground bad-asses have come up to us to demand our lunch money. The media and politicians got used to us merely forking over the goodies without a fight. Those miscreants didn’t even believe us when we said we were broke, as they turned our pockets inside out.

Then one day, we tired of it. We grew some balls. Not only did we fight back at the ballot box, we got ourselves “protection.”

Donald Trump tweeted the video somebody made of him crushing CNN, and the Left went ape-crap. But the Left opened themselves up for more derision, as another video has now surfaced.

Donald Trump has become the bodyguard of real Americans.

And his weapon of mass media destruction? Twitter

I’ve called Trump the PT Barnum of politics. Only Trump isn’t crooked like Barnum. He’s the real deal. Thus, you get a complete show, and not just ushered out the back of the circus tent in a scam.

Trump is anything but a scam artist, which is why the leftists hate him. Trump is the genuine article, and practically impervious to their torments. Further, the more the media fights Trump, the more they lose.

But don’t think the media is learning, ergo training to eventually win the fight. Because they won’t.

Ironically, the answer to the media thrashings lies in simplicity. All the media need to do is tell the truth. Is that really asking too much?

Actually, yes.

The media became part of the leftist establishment years ago. Looking back on it, I’m shocked that conservatives, i.e., Americans with brains, didn’t see this earlier.

Regardless, we certainly see it now. The media is corrupt. And they will never fool us again.

In fact they must earn back our trust. Opportunities abound for the media to do the right thing. But they wrongly believe they remain in control. The leftists believe Trump is a speed bump, a small hurdle on their way to domination. However, Trump is much more than this as the media continues to find out.

I predict we will see many more videos of Trump giving media beatdowns. And the memes will be more numerous, as well.

I was told by somebody that Trump can’t beat the media. But I disagree. Trump beats the media now, and it will continue.

The media as we know it is dead.



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