Leftists LOSE IT as Trump Proposes Safer America

Leftists LOSE IT as Trump Proposes Safer America

These days, talking about a safer America and a safer world triggers hatred from Leftists.

According to the Daily Caller:

“While speaking about violent gang-members in a speech to law enforcement officers that focused on MS-13, Trump said officers shouldn’t be “too nice” when putting violent criminals in the “paddy wagon.”

Jokingly Trump said: “Like when you guys put somebody in the car and you’re protecting their head, you know, the way you put the hand over. Like, don’t hit their head and they’ve just killed somebody, don’t hit their head. I said, ‘You can take the hand away, OK.”

The media went wild. They actually live for these unscripted and obviously facetious moments by the president. Instead the Left begin spinning their fake news narratives. In this case, Leftists claim president Trump condones police brutality.

Headlines read:

“TRUMP ENDORSES POLICE BRUTALITY,” blared HuffPost’s front page, featuring a story titled: “Donald Trump Endorses Police Brutality In Speech To Cops.”

“Trump just called for cops to rough up suspects more in front of a crowd of cops, they cheered,” claimed Daily Beast writer Colin Jones.

“President Trump is openly and explicitly calling for, to wild applause just moments ago, cops to commit more police brutality,” claimed Daily Beast writer Asawin Suebsaeng.

“This is vile, and shame on every officer who cheered and whooped,” said liberal MSNBC host Chris Hayes. MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin claimed the video showed Trump suggesting that “it’s OK for police to rough up the people that they arrest.”

You can bet that if Obama had said this, the Left would have cheered the statement. They would have celebrated the notion that Obama was being tough on gangs.

But not with Trump. The Leftists hate that Trump puts America first.

And he’s not a black Democrat.

Donald Trump ran on cracking down on illegal immigration and rounding up criminals offends the Left. So what he stops drugs from flooding mostly minority neighborhood and hurts drug cartels. What Trump said was UNAMERICAN! Or so say the Left.

As Trump fulfills his vow to keep us safe, Leftists find reasons to bitch and whine endlessly. Take for instance newly elected U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California.

She blasted the president in a tweet back in March. She opined of the outrageous policy whereby the Fed rounds up criminals and deports them.

 “They’re lowering the bar and in suggesting that anything, even that someone may have committed a crime might qualify for deportation, that’s just extreme and outrageous,” Harris said.

“There is a tone and underlying this policy that is suggesting that undocumented immigrants are criminals – period. And therefore are rightly then going to receive law enforcement as its first outreach.”

When did it become fashionable to promote and protect criminals in so-called sanctuary cities?

Do hardworking, taxpaying citizens live in sanctuary cities?

The good news is there will be fewer illegals for whom to provide sanctuary. As we documented, illegal border crossings have dropped dramatically. Moreover, as The Washington Examiner reports:

“As promised, immigration police have expanded their campaign to deport illegals with criminal records, announcing the seizure of 368 illegals in seven states and Washington, D.C.

That nearly a 250 percent increase over the 106 announced a week earlier.

The biggest seizures by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were in Texas, but they made arrests as far north as Wyoming.”

What’s more, they targeted members of the violent MS-13 gang and illegals charged with sex crimes against kids.

In one five-day campaign around Virginia and Washington, 82 illegals from 26 countries were arrested.”

President Trump’s policies work. And no matter what fake news narratives the Left try, the president will come out on top.

That means America comes out on top.


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