SHOCKING: Video Captured Shows Libyan Army Executing ISIS Fighters

SHOCKING: Video Captured Shows Libyan Army Executing ISIS Fighters

18 prisoners in orange jumpsuits were shot in the back of the head at point-blank range.

The message to ISIS is clear. It’s payback time, and I can’t say I feel sorry for these terrorists.

ISIS is famous for grueling executions. And just a few months ago, ISIS released a video in which a Russian was beheaded. According to Fox News, ISIS alleged the man was a spy. Whatever he was, he’s dead now.

Sadly, ISIS doesn’t just go after military persons. Remember Ayham Hussein? He was the teenage boy beheaded for listening to pop music at his father’s market store. The teen’s last act in life was listening to pop music on an old portable CD player. I wonder if leftists in America care of what the future portends for their pop culture children?

A while back we reported that ISIS graduated from burning and raping women. Instead, they now behead them. Moreover, the list of ISIS acts of terror is longer than the New York City yellow pages, and this doesn’t begin to cover the now 3000+ terror attacks around the world annually.

Given these attacks, retaliation is inevitable.

As the Daily Mail reports:

The men, understood to be ISIS fighters, are shown kneeling in four rows and facing away from their killers.
Executioners can be seen walking up slowly behind their targets before firing a spray of bullets from what look like semi-automatic assault rifles into the backs of their heads before another line of killers repeat the sequence.
It comes amid tensions between jihadists and Libyan forces in Benghazi after strongman Khalifa Haftar – a former soldier under the Gaddafi regime who has risen through the ranks to commander of the Libyan National Army – declared victory in the eastern city.

The killers spray their targets with bullets long after they have fallen to the ground in a heap

It is claimed by the Libyan Express the commander of the eastern Saiqa Force of Operation Dignity Mahmoud Al-Werfalli conducted the massacre.
He was also said to have ordered the killings by the Libyan Observer, who reported he had been promoted by Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army, for his alleged role in killing policemen in May.

It is understood those killed were ISIS fighters in Libya, according to Al Jazeera, who again claimed it was Al-Werfalli reading the charges before his proteges shoot the detainees dead.

Leftists will no doubt focus on the brutality of this act, conveniently forgetting this is retaliation.

But most citizens of the world rejoice that these cowards finally meet their fate. And even more will.

According to the head of the US Special Operations Command General Raymond Thomas, the US-led fight against ISIS just took out nearly 70,000 ISIS militants.

As Business Insider reports:

Air operations against ISIS in Iraq and Syria increased significantly after Trump took office in January, with military leaders emphasizing an “annihilation campaign” aimed at eliminating ISIS fighters.

Remember President Trump’s promise? He’s executing on that promise, pun intended.



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