LEFTIST PLOY: ‘Life Plan’ REQUIRED for Chicago Public School Grads [VIDEO]

LEFTIST PLOY: ‘Life Plan’ REQUIRED for Chicago Public School Grads [VIDEO]

When I read that Chicago Public Schools will require graduating seniors to submit a life plan I chuckled to myself, asking “Does prison count?!”

To require them to get a job after graduation sounds like a great idea, right Barack?

Get a job or else.

And just so we are crystal clear, Chicago provides students with substandard educations. They then require students to submit life plans.



And unless these students present their “life plan,” Chicago won’t allow them to receive a diploma.

To qualify means they’ve secured a job or apprenticeship, been accepted to college, a gap year program or the military.

Hey Chicago, nice try holding a worthless piece of paper hostage.

I have a suggestion: Why don’t these leftists require the same thing for those on welfare?

Talk about a transfer of responsibility!

How sick is it when your education system is so bad you transfer the responsibility to the student to be successful. Don’t get me wrong, the student participates. However, kids need inspiration, and most of the dropout rate proves they aren’t getting it.

More on this in a bit, as I’d like to look at the bureaucrats who came up with this.

Moreover, where do Chicago bureaucrats school their children?

According to the Chicago Tribune,

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s kids attend University of Chicago’s Laboratory Schools. CPS Chief Executive Forrest Claypool‘s kids go to Francis W. Parker in Lincoln Park. Gov. Bruce Rauner’s six kids are grown.

Which isn’t to say they don’t have skin in the game.

And you can bet that many more CPS administrators don’t send their kids to CPS and who could blame them.

The school system is in bankruptcy.

The legislation calling for a state takeover of CPS is offered by House Republican leader Jim Durkin, from Western Springs, and Senate Republican leader Christine Radogno, from Lemont.

But the Left blames the Republican.

For CPS, money woes are a recurring problem that has drawn in the rest of the state every 15 to 20 years. The last time was 1995, when Republicans who ran state government handed control of the city’s schools and some financial flexibility to then-Mayor Richard M. Daley. But Daley, using powers agreed to by the GOP, reduced teacher pension payments, and today soaring retirement funding is the major factor in the financial problems the school district faces.

Teachers may soon lose their pensions, but they aren’t doing too badly.

According to National Review,

Chicago’s public school teachers are the highest paid of any in the 50 largest districts in the country. And yet they are on the verge of striking once again — this time because their pay raise requires them to contribute to their own pensions. The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) has voted to authorize a strike as soon as October 11, despite Chicago’s budgetary shortfall and Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s insistence that this is the best deal financially possible for the teachers. What kind of squalor is the city forcing on these teachers? The kind with a $78,000 median salary and $27,000 in benefits, and an 8.7% pay increase over the next four years if they agree to the deal that’s on the table.

I’m sure leftists will say this is a surprise.

Yet, ​Bill Bennett warned Chicago back in 1987:

Twenty-eight years ago this month, then-U.S. Secretary of Education William Bennett came to town for a closed-door meeting with Chicago United, a business coalition deeply involved in the push for reform of the Chicago Public Schools.

While meeting with the press afterwards, Bennett raised some local hackles by offering a harsh assessment of the situation: “You’ve got close to educational meltdown here in Chicago. Is there a worse case? You tell me.”

Back in Washington, Bennett told aide Chester “Checker” Finn what he had said and asked whether he was right, that Chicago indeed had the worst school system in the country. Finn’s response, he later confirmed: “Close enough.”

In fact, Bennett’s comments were not much harsher than local critiques. The district had long been in trouble. Nearly a decade earlier, financial mismanagement in CPS had prompted the state Legislature to replace the entire Board of Education and create the Chicago School Finance Authority to manage district finances.

Later, nonprofit watchdogs from Chicago United to Designs for Change and the Chicago Panel on Public School Policy issued harsh reports urging CPS to streamline operations and focus on reducing high numbers of dropouts and truants.

After decades of neglect, Chicago Public Schools now puts the onus on students?

For decades, Chicago schools have failed students. But do you think any leftists actually wanted to change the corrupt system?

Think they actually care about educating Chicago children?

Of course not. The Democrats want to kick the can down the road, and they’ve kicked it far enough. Now they’ve kicked it into the private sector.

The rule takes effect in 2020. The year of President Trump’s re-election and when Chicago students decide they no longer need that stellar overpriced leftist “miseducation.”


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