Leftists LOSING THEIR MINDS: Trump Kicks off Made in America Week [VIDEO]

Leftists LOSING THEIR MINDS: Trump Kicks off Made in America Week [VIDEO]

Donald Trump won the presidency by vowing to Make America Great Again.

The slogan may have seemed corny at the time, but he meant it.

Americans had certainly soured on “Change we can believe in.” The Era of Chump Change was over!

Thus on Sunday evening, the Trump administration announced “Made in America” week at the White House. Recall that Trump’s second catchphrase is “America First!”

Thus, during “Made in America” week, the White House would showcase an array of goods produced in the United States.

CBS reported:

The White House is hosting a “Made in America” product showcase Monday afternoon, featuring products from all 50 states. Asked about the impact of the campaign on the Trump Organization and on Ivanka Trump’s company, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Monday it’s “not appropriate” for him to discuss how the campaign would affect Trump businesses, which make many of their products overseas. Still, he conceded that there might be limits to bringing some manufacturing back to the U.S.

“Cetrain industries we don’t do as much anymore in terms of scalability,” Spicer told reporters at the White House briefing, just before the Made in America event. “Certain things we may not have capacity to do here, in terms of a plant or factory.”

The president also is expected to issue a proclamation Wednesday on the importance of making goods in America, and will travel to Virginia on Saturday for the commissioning of the USS Gerald R. Ford, a new aircraft carrier.


Leftists hate America.

Thus, they don’t want to “Make American Great Again” by putting “America First.”

It’s really that simple. The Washington Post tried to poo poo on the event, citing the Trumps don’t make all their products in the United States.

But because the Trump Organization and related companies haven’t seen fit to produce their own goods in the United States, that means either their products aren’t the best or Trump is engaged in a craven manipulation of his fans. Or both.

If America produces the best craftsmanship, why, then, does Ivanka Trump’s company manufacture no items in the United States? As The Post reported just last week, her company relies “exclusively on foreign factories,” including in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and China, to manufacture the shoes, handbags, blouses, dresses, jeans and shirts for the first daughter’s line of clothing.

Similarly, many items in Trump’s own clothing and home accessories are produced overseas in countries including China, Bangladesh and Mexico. When he excoriates American companies for moving manufacturing jobs overseas, then, he is including himself in his own criticism — but of course would never admit that. Instead, when questioned about why he manufactures items overseas, his answer was, essentially, everyone else does it. 

Really? I recall President Trump not running from his guilt, but saying he was part of the problem he now wants to solve.

Give me one story where WaPo or any other toilet paper media criticized Obama for “do as I say, not as I do.” This man supposedly championed the poor, while living the life of a king.

Vacations, partying with the wealthy, and a host of other atrocities, and not a peep from the leftists.

Thankfully, President Trump doesn’t care what leftists think. He will do the right thing, and I for one support companies who manufacture in America. I hope you join me in seeking out these companies, particularly.




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