Democrats SHOWCASE LAUGHABLE Desperation for 2020

Democrats SHOWCASE LAUGHABLE Desperation for 2020

What can the Democrats be thinking?

Maxine Waters has drawn undo attention to the plantation. She couldn’t possibly think people want her to run for president.

But that’s what Waters read into her recent visit with youngsters in New Hampshire.

Democrats and their leftist fake news media are so desperate for a champion they dare believe Waters to be a viable candidate. They concluded this based on Waters obtaining permission to leave the plantation and visit New Hampshire. This was taken as a sign, authorization if you will, for Waters to explore a presidential bid.

One would think the media would be too embarrassed to even offer the suggestion, but such is the condition of the Democratic Party.

As Democratic Congressman Tim Ryan described his party, it’s “toxic.” It must be.

To send a 78-year-old ethno-centric black racist to “test the water,” showcases the scrum happening within the ranks of the Democrats.

As Kyle Olson pointed out:

President Trump has been a favorite punching bag for Waters, who seems to spin a new conspiracy theory about his administration and aides every few days.

Waters has been intentionally antagonistic towards the president’s supporters, as well.

During a screed on the House floor in March, Waters played the race card and the patriotism card against supporters of the president.

Waters’ daily rants make for entertaining articles for those of us at TBS, however, her behavior must be the only way she can keep her name alive in the media.

Is Maxine Serious?

When asked why she was in New Hampshire, Waters commented:

“I’m just going up to do a county Democratic thing. That’s all.”

Waters was asked if she was in New Hampshire to test the waters for a run against President Trump in 2020, Waters, an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, said laughing,

“I’m not running for anything but my own seat. I don’t have any presidential aspirations. If the millennials want me to do it, I’d do it, though.”

I love her optimism. Apparently Democrats think they will live forever.

In 2020 Waters will be 82 years old. Considering her obvious dementia of being a Democrat, there are other signs. And things won’t be any better when Waters enters “Octogenaria.”

Sadly, ok laughably, 82 seems to be the median age for viable candidates on the Left. After decades of abuse of the American public, the Democratic Party has no farm team. The Left doesn’t seem to trust their youth to carry the torch. And who could blame them; have you seen their youth?

The Occupy Wall Street and Black Lives Matter miscreants. A congress of those malcontents would smell like a funkfest of biblical proportions.

TBS has written about the potential up and comers of the Democratic Party, and it’s a freak show. The plight of the Democrats reminds me of the time in Hollywood when Eddie Murphy was so popular that every black guy cast during that period needed to be “more like Eddie.” The dilemma of the Democrats is they want everybody to be more like Obama, but then again not exactly.


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