BREAKING: Senator John McCain Has Brain Cancer

BREAKING: Senator John McCain Has Brain Cancer

I’m sorry to hear that Senator John McCain has brain cancer.

I abhor his politics, but I wouldn’t wish that disease on him or anybody. 

Based on this report, the prognosis is not good.

Sen. John McCain has an aggressive brain cancer — the same type that felled former Sen. Ted Kennedy and Joe Biden’s eldest son, CNN reported Wednesday night.

CNN correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta revealed the shocking news, saying he had the permission of the Arizona Republican to speak with his doctors.

“With Sen. McCain’s permission, I spoke with his doctors earlier [Wednesday], and he said the operation he had revealed an aggressive type of brain cancer,” Gupta reported.

“That was what was causing his problems” that prompted an operation above his left eye, he explained, referring to fatigue, apparent confusion, and blurry vision McCain experienced recently.

“This is a type of primary brain cancer,” Gupta said, “an aggressive type of brain cancer and surprised everybody.”

I feel the most sorrow for Meghan McCain, a young lady I’ve gotten to know.

Again, we may not see eye to eye, but I feel sorry for anybody who gets this kind of news on a family member. 

And this brings me to what I’ve written of McCain in the past.

I don’t know who said this of McCain, but it supposedly came from Newsmax (this is unverified):

“I flew with this joker in the U.S. Navy. He was too dumb to stay in the Naval Academy and he also flunked out of flight training several times.

In each case, he was bailed out by his daddy, an admiral, who ORDERED his superiors to retain little Johnny. When he finally joined us on the USS Oriskany, he was still too dumb to fly and got himself shot down in short order. McCain is too stupid to realize how stupid he is.”

I could certainly imagine this being true of McCain. He does not make smart moves. McCain shows all the signs of somebody fueled by the power of politics.

Most guys with a trophy wife (at least she was, when she married him) would be chasing her around the house butt naked, daily. And then there is all that money.

The guy owns more houses than all the Negroes in Compton, and yet he prefers to stay in DC. Apparently  McCain believes he would be nothing without the Senate. I agree!

I can only imagine what John McCain thinks now. Was it worth it?

I have no idea how much time the man has left, but does he really want to spend it in the Senate? There is hardly an item the man can’t check off the bucket list, yet he chose to squander his life. 

I joked (but not really) that if I had McCain’s coin, I would be Waldo of “Where’s Waldo.” The NSA couldn’t find me.

Politics would be the last thing on my mind, as I would run the world making myself and as many people as I could happy. Hell, I’m poor and I’m trying to figure out how to spend most of my time with family and friends.

Anyway, I wish the McCain family Godspeed. This will be a trying time for them. I sincerely hope that John McCain won’t waste his time in politics, in light of this news.


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