Michael Brown’s Parents Start Brawl At Community Center [VIDEO]

Michael Brown’s Parents Start Brawl At Community Center [VIDEO]

It wouldn’t matter how much money Michael Brown’s parents got for his death.

They are still hood rats. And they certainly proved it again recently.

The Urban League opened the conference with the dedication of the $5.8 million Ferguson Community Empowerment Center. The building will supposedly provide job training and employment opportunities to young at-risk men in the Ferguson area, as well as other programs. Inside, there is an area dedicated to the “Save our Sons” initiative.

I hope they provide some “home training” for parents like those of Michael Brown, Jr. Because if their behavior is any indication, the center will need to host ghetto-ass black parents, and not their juvenile delinquent kids.

The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree, when it comes to the Brown family. For on the site of the torched QuikTrip that was destroyed during violent rioting in 2014 stands the new edifice. A building constructed to offer young black teens hope.

And on this now hallowed ground, the Brown family decided to “throw down.” The adults were so disruptive police intervened.

Recall, this was not the first time the Browns “showed their asses,” as my grandmother would say.

When first profiteering on the death of their thug back in Oct of 2014, the family went to blows. Michael Brown’s mother, grandmother, and auntie slugged it out over t-shirt sales, in the heart of Ferguson. In that scuffle, Brown’s mother Leslie McSpadden reportedly assaulted and robbed grandmother Pearlie Gordon of $1,400.

Now, $1400 is chump change, as the survivors of Brown’s death were awarded a cool $1.5 million by the city of Ferguson.

As for The National Urban League, how proud they must feel right about now. Spending almost $6 million for a place that in two years will be the spot to get drugs. Another “building” dedicated to nothing. A symbol of the Second Civil Rights Movement, built on the reputation of a man who robbed a store and tried to kill a cop.

I can hardly wait to see where they put the next tribute to Michael Brown, Jr. And you can bet his parents will show up to start some mess again.

It’s been 10 years since the National Urban League held its convention in St. Louis. Not much has changed. You can bet the Democrat race pimps of all colors will be as plentiful as roaches in a landfill. They will speak of jobs, empowerment, and most of all oppression.

However, they won’t discuss the problems in the black community caused by Democrats. Or more specifically black Democrats. They won’t discuss black-on-black crime, and the record amount of that crime.

No problems will be solved among blacks, because black groups like the National Urban League are not about solving problems. They are about showcasing the absurdity of their positions. That’s why they built that expensive crack house in Ferguson.


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