Michelle Malkin SATIRICALLY LAUNCHES ‘Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President’

Michelle Malkin SATIRICALLY LAUNCHES ‘Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President’

My friend Michelle Malkin gets it. The best way to teach the Left lessons is to laugh at them. Especially Maxine Waters.

The recent “thought bubble” by Congressional Black Circus clown Maxine Waters still resonates with me. This woman actually said if Millennials want her to, she would run for president.

What Millennials? Millennials for the Chronically Insane?

Leftists seem to think the Bernie Sanders revolution is (1) still happening, and (2) applies to black leftists.

Sadly for the Left, neither of those two things are real.

But Michelle Malkin won’t let it go.

Malkin announced recently that she is heading up a new committee: “Conservatives for Maxine Waters for President.”

In an ad for Conservative Review TV, Malkin said she wants to make Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) “the “defining face of the Democratic Party.”

As it should be.

Waters makes a great representative of Democrats. What may be more important is after getting a half-black candidate in Obama, it’s time the Democrats jump into the deep end of the pool and go FULL ON black.

Waters and Obama have other similarities. Obama organized South Chicago, and Waters controlled Compton Negroes. Although they differ greatly in the “blackness” color scale, neither has the Negro dialect.

Both are avowed socialists, with overwhelming support in the black community. And both are as useless as a hammer in a tennis match.

According to Malkin, to find out exactly what kind of leader Waters is, Americans need to look no further than Waters’ “economically ravaged south-central Los Angeles district.”

“Staggering levels of persistent unemployment, poverty and gang violence 25 years after the LA riots,” are the fruits of Waters’ leadership, Malkin said.

“As chairman of Conservative for Maxine Waters for president, I pledge to do my best to spotlight Mad Max’s long record of coddling gang members and using her office to enrich herself and her family,” Malkin said.

Malkin is famous for exposing the culture of corruption within Washington.

And as she didn’t disappoint with Waters, as The Blaze noted.

The CRTV host went on to explain that nepotism runs deep in Waters’ congressional office, noting that Waters once secured an ambassadorship for her husband to the Caribbean country of the Bahamas, while she has also used her congressional campaign to give her daughter hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Malkin also sought to bring a spotlight to Waters’ history of corruption. Indeed, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a government watchdog group, has named Waters the most corrupt member of Congress on four separate occasions: 2005, 2006, 2009 and 2011.

Waters was even charged with several counts of ethics violations in 2010 after she used her clout as a congresswoman to secure a federal bailout for a bank that her husband owned stock in.

“There you have it in a nutshell, liberalism in living color,” Malkin said. “Corruption, cronyism and cashing in for friends and family while your constituents and taxpayers get screwed.”

“Three cheers for making Maxine the defining face of the Democratic Party,” she added.



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