TOLERANT Leftists Blast McCain Brain Cancer

TOLERANT Leftists Blast McCain Brain Cancer

John McCain craves acceptance.

He demonstrates his need for adulation every time he needs to stand up for conservatives. Instead, McCain caves, choosing instead to cater to the Left. 

McCain loves reaching across the aisle to shake hands with the Devilcrats. When he should be reaching across to squeeze the life out of their windpipes, he’s glad-handing. He’s done this for decades, all in an effort to be liked by the Left.

And they roll the old relic out periodically, when they need a “Republican” example of somebody who bucks conservatives. Then the Left celebrates McCain and his political mistress, Lindsay Graham.

But the Left really don’t like McCain. They hold him in contempt, and you’d think by now he’d get it. But he doesn’t. Maybe now he will. Because upon finding out that McCain has brain cancer, the Left showed little mercy.

According to Pacific Pundit,

John McCain, the so called “maverick” used to be a darling of the left wing media and other Democrats because he typically supports their positions on social justice. But that’s all changed after McCain voted for the motion to proceed on ObamaCARE repeal today. Check out some of the liberal media filth now bashing McCain and mocking the fact he has brain cancer. Typical left wing filth. But these are the losers McCain has made a career of sucking up to. Here are some wonderful examples:

What about this jewel of a tweet.

Instead of Congress losing Obamacare, I suggest they should be forced to KEEP it!

Is David Corn talking about Bill Clinton?

I wonder if David Corn has Obamacare?

Then there is Jamelle Bouie who misses the irony of her tweet.

Obamacare stripped millions of people from their healthcare plans. And it stripped them of their doctors. 

And then Obamacare stripped millions of Americans of their money in the form of double or triple premiums, and outrageous co-pays.

Again, I’d love to ask Jamelle if she has Obamacare and what is her actual reality. You can bet that even if she paid much higher premiums and co-pays she wouldn’t say a word. But know that ordinary people will.

What slam of repeal of Obamacare would be complete with Keith the Geek Olbermann?

I’m fine with whatever doubts Olbermann may have had. But his next statement is more interesting. Good luck explaining what, Olbermann?!

Finally, Marisa Kabas sums it up.

A very wealthy man opted for the best medicine money can buy.

Then he flew to DC to fight for those who wish for the same. I don’t want “all-American” insurance. I want RICH MO FO insurance!

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