Obama’s Gift to Germany: ‘The Ferguson Effect’

Obama’s Gift to Germany: ‘The Ferguson Effect’

In the recent G20 Summit, Hamburg Germany certainly looked a lot like Ferguson.

And the city can thank Barack Obama for it.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel got a dose of reality, as over 100,000 leftist anarchists created chaos over the city. These protesters did what they were paid to do, which is to make the police look out of control.

As I watch these scenarios play out around the world, I am in no way reminded of the peaceful protesters of the American Civil Rights movement. That’s what trained anarchists around the world want us to believe. That German citizens fighting for their culture are curtailing the civil rights of Muslims.

Funny how these very same anarchists rarely if ever discuss the lack of civil rights of Christians, women or other forms of humanity in Muslim countries?

In Germany, the protesters kept America’s First Lady Melania Trump inside her hotel. Outside protesters firebombed a police station and set cars and buildings on fire, which was the reason for the precautions.

As the Daily Mail UK reported,

So far, more than 160 officers have been injured as well as dozens of activists. More than 70 protesters have been arrested.

German officials were forced to draft in an additional 900 officers to cope with the violent outbreak, which Mrs Merkel described as ‘unacceptable’.

She said: ‘I have every understanding for peaceful demonstrations. But violent demonstrations endanger human lives, they endanger people themselves, they put police officers and security forces in danger, put residents in danger, and so that is unacceptable.’

She thanked security forces for their work as the G20 met behind a heavy police presence in a no-go zone that was off-limits to most.

Thousands of officers in full riot gear patrolled as many as 30 different protest marches. Most of the demonstrations were peaceful and creative, but some rioters threw petrol bombs, iron rods and cobble stones.

More than 20,000 officers were on hand to guard the city’s streets, skies and waterways.

This reminds me of the Republican convention in Cleveland.

Fortunately, the overwhelming police presence in Cleveland prevented Democrats from their normal destructive behaviors. Things were not so peaceful in Germany however.

In what looked like a throwback to the 1960s protest, police trucks blasted protesters back with water cannons. In one incident, officers physically dragged away a group holding a sit-in at the entrance to the summit grounds after they jeered and yelled at a convoy heading inside.

The election of Trump alarmed leftists worldwide. One can only imagine the influx of money going to them, given they now grasp at straws.

“Brexits” are being considered globally, as countries fight for their sovereignty and identity. All this because President Trump threw a monkey-wrench in the gears of the New World Order.

The disruption was blamed on anti-globalization factions. Honestly, I can’t speak on this as I wasn’t there. But my common sense questions this assertion.

Since when is Greenpeace a member of the anti-globalization movement, as the article suggests?

Protesters repeatedly tried pushing into the no-go zone – among them a group of 22 swimmers from Greenpeace who tried accessing the area from the Elbe River but did not succeed, police said.

These are leftist organizations fighting FOR globalization. They detest that Trump is president, and thus fighting for the sovereignty of the world.

How is it that President Trump visits Poland with rock star status, then is met with protesters only a few countries over?

Anti-globalists are winning.

In America we effectively outed the Black Lives Matter anarchists. This group is in witness protection, waiting on the next fake news narrative to hopefully revive itself.

Antifa proves to be yet another leftist joke. In fact, the group finds itself under attack from inside, and rallies now consists of “dozens.” Soon there will be none, as this Occupy Wall Street version 2.0 fails just as miserably, only faster.

The world is being re-trained. But for now, we will get some chaos, as the article suggests.

Police condemned the ‘shocking criminal energy and high potential of violence’ on display and tweeted a photograph of an officer with a bloody wound they said was caused by slingshot catapults.

Some officers had to be taken to the hospital, including one whose eye was injured when a firework went off in front of him.

The city’s fire department said 11 activists were severely injured and taken to hospital after falling off a 13ft wall after fleeing from a confrontation with riot police.

Police could not say how many activists were injured in the clashes, but the fire department said that as of Friday morning they had taken 60 protesters to hospitals across the city.

Soon however, order will be restored.

Then the carnage will stop, as more and more governments practice austerity and “Country First” policies.

The Ferguson Effect will be seen less and less.


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