Obama’s Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED by Trump Admin

Obama’s Money Laundering Scheme EXPOSED by Trump Admin

The Obama Legacy lies in rubble. And that’s where it will stay.

With each passing day, fewer and fewer people care about Obama. And once the albatross of Obamacare is repealed, most Americans will quickly forget America’s worst president.

Another massive fraud of the Obama administration has been uncovered by the Trump administration.

As we’ve noted, more than $77 billion was squandered on climate change with fake data. Unfortunately, Obama’s cronies slithered away, since the larceny occurred while Obama was able to provide protection for the crooks.

Then, Obama wasted another $150 billion on so-called green energy companies, most of which are now bankrupt. And the list of skimming billions from taxpayers goes on.

The scams pulled by this government boggle the mind. Whatever wet dream any rich leftist wished to indulge, pay-for-play and the American taxpayer became your concubine.

Obama's money laundering scheme exposedCharles Krauthammer believes it’s time Obama is arrrested.

Remember when Obama made a $400 million payment to Iran for terrorism? Let’s skip the fact that Obama ignored US policy. Americans have never paid terrorists before.

As Krauthammer explained:

“It isn’t only that they are just looking ridiculous in denying that it was a quid pro quo. Obviously it wasn’t a coincidence,” Krauthammer said.

Iranian press reported that the delivery was ransom payment for the release of the U.S. prisoners, and the timing was one of the reasons officials with Department of Justice raised objections to the deal, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

“There is a statute that prohibits us from engaging in Iran dealing with dollars so they had to print the money here, ship it over to Switzerland, turn it into Swiss francs and euros and ship it over to Iran,” Krauthammer said.

“If a private company had done this, this is called money laundering,” he added. “The CEO would be in jail right now.”

Krauthammer is 100 percent right.

What we learned in the Era of Obama is the man is untouchable. When it came to intimidation, Obama surrounded himself with attack dogs. While nobody Obama hired was competent in accomplishing anything positive for America, you can bet they excelled at covering his ass.

With respect to Iran, Obama was bound and determined to finance Iran’s continued sponsorship of terror around the world. That was his promise to the Muslims, and he gladly kept it.

Can you imagine how many special investigations the attorney general could open against Obama? You can bet that if Obama were a white Republican president he would be looking for a country without extradition.

Many Americans join me in their zeal to see the cloak of secrecy removed from Obama’s shenanigans. That would ruin the Democrats for decades.


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