OJ on the Offensive: Getting Even with White Accusers

OJ Simpson was recently released from prison. He served nine years for robbery.

Even white OJ-haters know that’s a lot of time to serve for getting back one’s own property, even though OJ used “muscle” to force his will.

Despite OJ serving three times what he might have normally served, many people, mostly white “tolerant” Leftists are livid about his release. Nobody moreso than the surviving Goldmans. They were interviewed on ABC and had this to say:

The father and sister of Ron Goldman said they found the decision to grant O.J. Simpson parole “very disappointing.”

“It was shocking,” Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman, said today on “Good Morning America” about a Nevada parole board’s granting Simpson parole for a 2007 botched robbery. “I think I expected that [Simpson] was going to come in with a script– ‘I did these crimes, I’m so sorry, I’m remorseful, I know that there was a gun in the room.'”

Kim Goldman and Ron’s father, Fred Goldman, spoke to “GMA” Friday about their reactions to the Thursday hearing and Simpson’s comments to the parole board.

“I thought he was going to follow what I thought was going to be a very strategic plan for the day and then he went off-script,” Kim Goldman said. “He became exactly who he normally is, and I started to panic a little and obviously like everybody else we watched them unanimously willing to release him and it was very disappointing.”

However, a now free OJ is fighting back this time.

As The Daily Mail reported,

OJ Simpson‘s attorney has written a cease and desist letter to the Goldmans – after first accusing the still-grieving family of posing a threat to the 70-year-old.

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne last week accused Fred Goldman – the father of murdered Ron Goldman – of putting the former NFL player’s life in danger – after he was granted parole from a Nevada prison. He has now ordered the family and their representatives to stop contacting him – after they complained about the comments.

Speaking to Judge Jeanine Pirro on her Fox News show last week, LaVergne said Simpson had been moved from his cell to an area where he’s ‘more protected’ because of Fred Goldman.

You can bet that OJ found lots of time to consider his fate. 9 long years, in fact.

He can’t be too happy with the Goldmans, as their insistence of his guilt is likely the reason he received such a harsh sentence in the first place. The Goldman family badgered Simpson relentlessly.

Meanwhile, there might have been another suspect. Check out the now ex-husband of Ron Goldman’s sister:

Kim Goldman, sister of Ron Goldman — who was killed by O.J. Simpson — is so terrified of her ex-husband’s threats and attacks on Ron’s name … she’s demanding court protection.

Kim divorced Michael Hahn in 2007, but says he’s emotionally abused her ever since. In court docs, obtained by TMZ, Goldman says Hahn has sent her a series of threatening emails over the years — even invoking her late brother, Ron, and father Fred.

According to Kim, one particularly violent text said, “Your not a victim. Your a piece of shit that will burn in hell next to your scum bag brother who got what he deserved.”

I’m sure nothing will come of this. And the joke remains that OJ will go back on the hunt for the killers.

One thing you can bet, OJ won’t go back to prison. I suspect he will fight back in the court of public opinion, given that he has now served more than his time for robbery.




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