Trump: Democrats Now GUARANTEED to Lose in 2018

Trump: Democrats Now GUARANTEED to Lose in 2018

All the brouhaha over President Trump’s transgender ban from the military.

And like most leftist belly-aching, it’s much ado about nothing. Let’s look at the actual stats.

According to ABC News, the number of people who may be transgender in the military lies somewhere between 1,320 to 6,630 out of 1.3 million active duty service members. If my math is right, that’s about 0.0005 percent. Whether President Trump’s move to ban transgenders from military service is wrong or right is up for debate. Perhaps, fitness for duty should be the only barometer. But any way you crack it, the numbers of people affected are minuscule.

Right now, there are 250 military persons “transforming” from one sex to another. That’s 0.00001 percent of the military. So what the LGBTQ community wants is millions of dollars spent, and policies enacted for at most 0.00005 percent of the people?

It gets seriously old watching left-wing heads explode whenever someone isn’t comfortable. News flash: There’s no constitutional guarantee to be perfectly comfortable all the time. There’s no constitutional guarantee that everything will be fair and just all the time.  Maybe transgender people should be able to serve. But you know what else could bar you from the military? Bad teeth, headaches, endometriosis, and ADHD. If you have those – and hundreds of other – conditions, it’s not your fault.  But the government still might not let you serve.

There are myriad jobs that many of us can’t have, for many reasons.

Yes, this is a government job, and yes, discrimination is wrong.  But is this really discrimination?  

Let’s be real, here – unattractive females aren’t gonna be hired as Hooters gals. Nor will pretty girls with no “hooters.” Generally, slightly-built males won’t be bouncers. Simply put, certain jobs have specific requirements and you may or may not match them, for a variety of reasons.

Really, it’s getting so damn old.  If liberals’ feelings are hurt or they’re denied anything, they devolve into crazed, demented hysteria. Anyone who lives on this planet knows that a lot of time, life isn’t fair. We don’t always get a job we want. Nor do we get a lover we want. We usually don’t make the money we want. So what? As the saying goes, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation.”

We don’t know the ins and outs of the decision-making around this transgender ban. And most of us don’t profess to be military experts. But what we do know is that Bill Clinton gave us DADT. Hillary Clinton didn’t come out in favor of gay marriage until 2013. Barack Obama evolved into support for gay marriage during his presidency.  And liberals are, as usual, jumping the shark.

President Trump banning transgender individuals in the military doesn’t mean he hates gays. He just sees the idiocy of creating military policy for a handful of service members.

And despite the rancor the LGBTQ community and other Democrats are making, this move only proves that President Trump is the best man for the job.

This won’t stop Democrats from trying to make hay from the news. However, they should be worrying about the 2018 midterms instead of a few thousand slighted transsexuals.

As reported by The Week,

. . . Democrats have a significant challenge in front of them. In the House, they must capture 24 seats held by Republicans as well as hold the 12 districts won by Trump but occupied by Democrats. In the Senate, Democrats have to basically run the table . . .

Democrats have no message, but they sure corner the market on self-pity.  Their slogan, “Better Deal,” is just sad, and in fact is not even a message at all.

Yet again, they’ve learned nothing, as they spend their time on identity politics, portraying transsexual military personnel as “downtrodden.”  Who next, people with flat feet who aren’t allowed to serve? What about asthmatics? Who will fight for their rights?

Far be it from a DemExiter like me to help Democrats get on track. But their message should be about considering everybody a victim. It’s time the Democrats grow up and allow others to do the same.




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