Paul Ryan Won’t Defend Trump: ‘Not What We Were Elected to Do’

Paul Ryan Won’t Defend Trump: ‘Not What We Were Elected to Do’

In case you wonder why the Republicans are useless, Paul Ryan gave you the answer.

While Democrats protected Obama at all costs, Republicans fight against President Trump.

Honestly, I have more respect for the Democrat swamp rats, than I do for these punk-ass RINOs.

The Daily Caller reports,

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said Monday that it isn’t congressional Republicans’ role to defend President Trump from the investigations into Russian election interference and pushed back against the notion that special counsel Robert Mueller is biased against the president.

The comments from Ryan came a day after Trump tweeted that “it’s very sad that Republicans…do very little to protect their president.” Trump’s top aide Kellyanne Conway also attacked Mueller Sunday and described his legal team as a “band of Democratic donors.” Mueller has brought seven attorneys onto his legal team that have donated a combined $60,787 to federal Democratic donors, a practice Trump has dubbed “ridiculous.”

Conservative Americans aren’t asking for Republicans to become zombie-like followers of President Trump. We know how that worked out for Democrats who lost over 1000 seats to Republicans. The Democrats’ undying adulation for baby black Jesus remains a key reason for their downfall. But their adulation was unjustified, as Obama was as useless as a bowling ball in a basketball game.

On the other hand, Trump is a rock star.

A show of support for him would send the Left into a tailspin. And the only reason the Republicans would not fully support Trump is their fear of him becoming much more powerful than they.

I’m happy to report, that’s going to happen, with or without the Republicans’ support.

It’s clear the Republicans have opted for “without.” As Ryan continued,

“I don’t think many people are saying that Mueller is a biased partisan…he really is anything but.”

The only people who don’t consider Mueller a partisan hack are “inside the beltway” political hacks. Ryan is one such hack.

While President Trump has rightfully referred to Mueller’s investigation a “witch hunt,” Ryan’s feelings differ. Ryan has said of Mueller, that he “depoliticizes this stuff,” and “gets it out of the political theater.”

Ryan is not that obtuse. He gleefully plays into the hands of his compadres, ergo other leftists. Ryan knows that eventually Mueller will be fired by Trump, thus Ryan has provided the leftists soundbites of his support. Ryan does this, because he believes in the system–the rigged system that is.

Despite all that Donald Trump has done to topple the establishment, Ryan, et al linger as “hangers on.” They can’t believe the rigged system will lose, because it never has. Thus, Ryan’s declaration around defending Trump from the investigations. Ryan commented to that query,

[congressional Republicans are] “not spending all of our time on this. Because that’s not what we were elected to do, we were elected to solve people’s problems and focus on their issues and that’s what we’re focused on.”

I’d love to know what Ryan believes Republicans stand for.

If you’re like me, you’re done with excuses and obstructionist Republicans. They don’t fool us, and many of them will lose their jobs soon.


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