Planned Parenthood CEO Memoir: I Love Killing Negroes

Planned Parenthood CEO Memoir: I Love Killing Negroes

I’m not sure what Planned Parenthood President and CEO Cecile Richards will call her memoir, so I thought I would name it appropriately: I LOVE Killing Negroes!

Richards is giddy about her work. After all, not only does Planned Parenthood kill black babies at 300 percent more than other races, they also got away with selling the baby parts.

But Cecile Richards beams:

“Some news: I’m writing a book!” Richards wrote on Twitter. “Looking forward to sharing what I’ve learned from years of activism & troublemaking.”

I get why the supporters of Planned Parenthood want to rid society of black people.

Statistics show that 70% of black babies are born to single moms, and many of them end up in prison.

With the deadbeat dads out of the picture, single black moms tend to raise thugs. If Planned Parenthood can convince these women to keep men out of their lives, the conveyor belt of crime continues.

More crime, more scared white people.

I’m not sure what the eugenicists want for the black population, but you can bet it’s less than 13 percent. So, Planned Parenthood teamed with Democrats, and got blacks to self-segregate in large urban areas. And like the founder of Planned Parenthood suggested, they put black “leaders” in charge of black people in their designated areas.

Next, they put their black baby-killing factories nearby and voila!

Frederick Osborn, President of the American Eugenics Society, declared:

“Birth control and abortion are turning out to be the greatest eugenic advances of our time.”

Planned Parenthood: the Starbucks of the ghetto. Is it any wonder why 80% of Planned Parenthood clinics are centrally located to black neighborhoods? And the so-called pious black clergy like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton lose their religion and line black children up like lambs to the slaughter.

Believe it or not, Jesse Jackson was once passionately pro-life. Before Planned Parenthood bought him off, Jackson called “abortion is genocide” in a March 1973 JET magazine article.

The money exchange occurred in 1984, when Jackson ran for president. His lust for power and money made him sell his soul to the devil or the Democrats, one and the same.

Jackson is not alone. Leaders of the NAACP and the National Urban League, organizations that once denounced abortion as racist and nothing but population control, now partner with the number one killer of black babies.

These black sellouts tout racist Cecile Richards as a shining beacon of hope. How else could a rich white woman who kills more black children than war and disease get a pass? Richards’ book is a “how to” on marginalizing blacks.

Yet, Richards said in a statement that she is excited to share her story.

…the lessons I’ve learned over the years from making trouble and organizing for change.

In a moment when so much of the progress generations have fought for is on the line, we are witnessing the most exciting outpouring of grassroots organizing many of us have ever seen. Now is not the time to wait for instructions — it’s time to get to work, and be bolder and braver than ever before. I am thrilled to work with the phenomenal team at Touchstone and Simon & Schuster to write a book that will show readers that activism can be inspiring, fun, and funny—and introduce you to people who will change your life and the world.

Richards wants activists alright. And if she gets her way, the world will look like The Jetsons.

No black people in the future.




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