Poverty Pimp Bernie Sanders: Hypocrite Chastises Democratic Party [VIDEO]

Poverty Pimp Bernie Sanders: Hypocrite Chastises Democratic Party [VIDEO]

Bernie Sanders is a lying hypocrite.

Being a lying hypocrite is a resume-builder for a Democratic Socialist, so no harm no foul.

Sanders continues to sell the idea that he’s for the poor and downtrodden. He’s doing that in much more luxurious fashion than in yesteryear, as Sanders is now firmly a “one-percenter.”

In more of the same, Sanders pretends to attack his own Party.

He recently explained why Trump supporters continue to stick with the president. In Sanders’ opinion, Trumpsters hang in with the president because the Democratic Party has ignored the working class.

While on MSNBC’s “Morning Joke,” Sanders was asked why Trump’s base is so loyal. He responded:

“For the last many, many years, the Democratic Party has been spending too much money, too much time raising money from its wealthy friends, turning its back on rural America, turning its back on the working class.”

Hmmm, this resembles exactly what Sanders did.

Except Sanders got lots of money from lots of not-so-wealthy friends.

Sander added, that Democrats have not been paying attention to the needs of people whose standard of living has been in decline, but rather have focused on “deregulating Wall Street.”

How long has Sanders been in politics? To hear him, you would think he just entered the political game. Fault lies as much with Sanders as it does with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and all the other leftists in DC. As we learned during the campaign, Sanders is just another swamp creature.

Sanders knows that Obamacare is an economy-killer, yet he fully supported it. How do you criticize the Democrats while simultaneously touting their policies?

The mandate for Trump had as much to do about Obamacare as it did about Trump.

There is not a leftist on the planet who truly believes in Obamacare. They site anecdotal success, however for the most part Obamacare proves disastrous.

Any solution Trump brings forth would be better. If Trump has demonstrated anything, it’s his ability to cut costs.

Sanders then touted his trips outside of Washington, D.C. to states that may not directly support him to talk about health care in their communities and to denounce the new Senate health care bill.

You know the media didn’t dare ask Sanders specifics on Trump’s proposal versus Obama’s.

That would have been embarrassing. Instead the fake news media allows Sanders and other leftists to talk in broad strokes against Trump.

For example, Sanders criticized Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s support of the bill by saying that Kentucky has actually benefited the most from the Affordable Care Act and that the state “saw a significant decline in the number of uninsured from 20 percent to 7.8 percent.”

“How do you have a United States senator representing a state that has done extraordinarily well and says ‘I will throw 30,000 people in my state off health insurance’?” Sanders asked.

“I hope we beat this thing. I hope we beat this thing badly.”

Ask Sanders where he got his data.

He knows Obamacare was measured unidirectionally. So the government only counted those who enrolled in Obamacare. But you can bet they wholly ignored those who were kicked off.

And why did Sanders single out Kentucky? It wasn’t because McConnell hails from there. Sanders was fed selective talking points from Democrats, the very Party he chastised.

Further, was Sanders challenged on the rate increases and outrageous deductibles? Was he asked about the number of people who are afraid to go to the doctor?

Did Morning Joke question Sanders on the fraud in Obamacare?

In what Obama called his “top priority,” he did nothing to stop fraud in healthcare. However, as we reported, Trump understands the need to drain the swamp:

As the NY Daily News reported,

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday announced charges against 412 people for taking part in healthcare frauds and opioid-related crimes that cost taxpayers about $1.3 billion.

The arrests came as part of what the department said was the largest healthcare fraud takedown in U.S. history. Those arrested included 120 doctors and other people charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing opioid painkillers.

The defendants include six doctors in Michigan accused of operating a scheme to prescribe patients with unnecessary opioids and of billing the Medicare healthcare program for $164 million in fraudulent claims.

Another case involved a fake Florida rehab clinic that recruited addicts with gift cards, visits to strip clubs and even drugs, resulting in $58 million in false treatments and tests, prosecutors said.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in Washington that the takedown highlighted the “enormity of the fraud challenge we face.”

“This problem is compounded by the fact that our country is in the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in our history,” Sessions added.

But what did Obama do? Nothing good.

It’s time Democrats hold their own feet to the fire. They can’t stand up to their own twisted logic.



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