Trump Tweet: MASTERFUL Manipulation of Jeff Sessions

Trump Tweet: MASTERFUL Manipulation of Jeff Sessions

With Trump, you know where you stand.

Most people consider that a good thing. Whether in a job or a relationship, truth works best.

For Trump, his dislike of somebody is not personal. It’s truthful, factual. But it doesn’t have to be fatal.

Trump is too busy for trivial items. A guy like him wants to spend his working time only on the big picture, setting direction. He then pays people to execute that strategy. Thus, you are given lots of leeway. Trump only wants the bullet points, as he expects his staff to do their jobs. Moreover, he wants them to do their jobs as if they were the president of their respective areas.

This style includes the job of his Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Sessions has a key role in this administration, as the nation’s top law officer.

Unlike Obama who colluded with AGs Holder and Lynch, President Trump maintains distance between himself and Sessions. But the president has an expectation of Sessions, and his AG currently fails him.

So, now Trump must micromanage Sessions. And he does so with his weapon of choice: Twitter. Regarding Sessions, President Trump tweeted:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!

Believe me, Trump has better things to do.

He doesn’t want to do Sessions’ job any more than he wanted to do Spicer’s. Trump has one rule: handle your scandal.¬†

It doesn’t matter what Trump does, your role is to handle your scandal. “But I didn’t create it!” Who cares? Trump will be Trump; get it? Your job is to keep the hounds at bay, and ultimately make Trump look good.

People will argue, as Paul Ryan did recently that it is not the job of the Republicans to support Trump. That’s true…IF HE’S WRONG. But when he’s right, it is absolutely their job to do so.

But if the Republicans won’t help him, he will help himself. Thus, Trump does what he does best. He brands.

As mentioned earlier, Sessions at least knows where he stands.

For President Trump, holding Hillary Clinton and the Democrats accountable benefits America. Trump knows that the swamp creatures are revolting, as the water level drops. Trump wants, no Trump demands his attorney general step up and do the right thing.

I’m sure the politicos in DC warned Sessions against reopening an investigation into Clinton. They speak of things like “optics.” A fire-eating dragon of an AG wouldn’t care. Look at how Holder protected Obama in Fast and Furious and a host of other scandals. And Obama was guiltier than OJ.

The Left now warns Trump against firing Mueller. But for Trump, the options exist, and likely will be taken.

Corruption and optics represent what’s wrong with DC. Far too many people are afraid to do the right thing, because of optics.

Sessions needs to make a decision. Is he part of the problem or part of the solution? It’s truly his choice. President Trump has no problem cleaning house. And as I wrote earlier, draining the swamp may begin at home for the president.

What we witness with Trump is masterful manipulation of Sessions. And the Left unwittingly play along.



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