Difference between Trump and Obama in one tiny action [VIDEO]

Difference between Trump and Obama in one tiny action [VIDEO]

Barack Obama of an Obama presidency proved Obama to be a narcissistic parasite. And leftists know it.

The man cares only of himself.

Obama meets his needs, and those of the people who financed him. Everybody else can get on board or go to Hell.

I can only imagine what the Secret Service thought of him. Daily vowing to protect the man whom they serve, strictly because of an oath. And knowing these fine gentlemen (mostly), I can attest they would no doubt give their lives to protect him. Protecting a moron; moreover, somebody unwilling to take a bullet for you.

Ok leftist, be honest. Do any of you think Obama would give his life for America? Exactly, “Negro, PLEASE!”

But Republican presidents are different. Even the bad ones.

I have little doubt that Bush would have died for America. I have no doubt President Trump would.

As they say, “It’s the little things that count.” And President Trump did one of those “little things” that distinguish him from leftists like Obama.

In returning from Hamburg after participating in the G20, the president approached Marine One at Andrews Air Force Base just outside D.C.

President Trump noticed the Marine’s “cover” (hat) is missing. The president notices the cover on the steps of the helicopter as he’s about to ascend. Instead of continuing, President Trump picks it up. Then, he places the Marine’s cover back on his head.

Unfortunately, in a big gust of wind, the Marine loses his cover again.

One would think at this point, the president would blow the incident off, pardon the pun. But he doesn’t. The president retrieves the cover and again places it on the head of the Marine.

Why is this a big deal?

What the president did showed two things. First, Trump notices the little things. And second, nothing is too little for him to tackle.

He could have easily ignored the cover, and stepped over it. Sadly, that’s what Obama would have done.

And when the cover blew off the second time, he could have waved his hand, as if to say, “I tried.” However, he went to get the cover yet again. For Trump, the job wasn’t finished. This is how POTUS 45 thinks, it’s what he believes. He must finish the job.

Some people will say this is overblown, but it’s the little things that count. My grandmother would say to me, “Always look at a man’s shoes.” It’s easy to dress up nice, but when dressed nice, it’s the shoes that matter.

Or what about how, “Judge a person by the way he treats those who don’t matter?” I certainly agree with that one.

In short, Trump cares. He cares about the “lowly” Marine station by Huey One to salute him. The president wasn’t too big to acknowledge his comrade.

For me, watching the president of the United States place a cover on the head of a Marine PFC told me all I need to know about him.

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