Another Hollyweirdo Promotes Killing President Trump

Another Hollyweirdo Promotes Killing President Trump

The failed comedian is at it again.

Since Rosie O’Donell’s career in comedy and talk shows ended, she’s made a new career trolling Trump.

No surprise there, as O’Donnell wants everybody to be as miserable as she is, particularly America’s new power couple.

Recall O’Donnell’s efforts in February to nullify the election. O’Donnell promoted a GoFundMe page to try to nullify the votes. Ironically, she wasn’t putting her own money into the endeavor.

All together, those idiots raised $29,000. Too bad that money didn’t go to feed the homeless or to fund inner-city schools. Instead it’s wasted on frivolous lawsuits by people too dumb to admit Trump is the president.

Next, O’Donnell tweeted that Barron Trump is autistic. She later tried to apologize for that one. The apology had all the sincerity of Kathy Griffin’s “I’m sorry.”

The Latest Attack

If it weren’t for O’Donnell attacking President Trump, she would get no press. Life is tough for has-been hack comedians with the attitude of a constipated badger.

Hey, LOOK AT ME, I’m disgusting and miserable!

Check out O’Donnell’s latest move.

She’s promoting a game where Trump is killed. In the game you get to push Trump off a cliff.

Twitter users responded, and not in a good way for O’Donnell.

Here are just a few tweets that offered Rosie a little taste of her own medicine.

O’Donnell is obsessive. Just ask her daughter.

Her daughter recently accused her of being abusive and controlling. Perhaps Rosie has a few things she needs to handle in her own life before she wastes her time on Twitter. However, she’d rather the mindless activities.

I suggest those who play the game to push Trump off the cliff consider the game could be a trap. Perhaps they end up in a database where Trump will later pay them a visit!

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