Scottie Nell Hughes: Next Time Just Leak a Sex Tape [VIDEO]

Scottie Nell Hughes: Next Time Just Leak a Sex Tape [VIDEO]

What the hell could Scottie Nell Hughes have been thinking in accusing Charles Payne of sexual harassment?

That’s like the wolf accusing the rabbit of abuse for not being a better meal.

Hey Scottie, next time just release a sex tape, and LET THE CAREER BEGIN!

I wrote recently of my first encounter, strike that…the first time I met with Hughes, PUBLICLY with LOTS of other people around. The look in her eye was predatory, though not towards me.

She had set her sights on the man who had hired me as a consultant to his Tea Party organization. I’m not implying how she became intricate to the organization, but she did and faster than I’d seen it happen. I have no proof of any shenanigans, except that the woman practically ran the organization afterwards.

I learned quickly that Scottie Nell Hughes was her own weather system, a hurricane as it were. She needed attention and lots of it. And to call what she had “blind ambition” is crazy, as her eyes were wide open to her goals.

I recognized Hughes for what she was.

She was the chick who dated you, only until something better came along.

So after using up her grassroots leaders, Hughes went big time, as she finally got inside of Fox News. Once inside of Fox News, Hughes’ hunt began, and Charles Payne stepped into her cross-hairs.

Hughes instigated the relationship between herself and Payne and she knows it. I suggest Payne get a toxicology report, as he likely still has evidence of “date-rape” drug administered by that vixen.

As Hughes cries “wolf,” Red Alert posted an article that should vindicate Charles Payne and Fox News. The article shows actual emails between Hughes and Payne, and it’s evident that Hughes was far from a victim.

I know Payne is embarrassed for having an affair with the woman, but there’s worse. She saw him as a “mark,” which is more embarrassing in my opinion.

Payne’s wife was gravely ill, and he likely craved companionship. I’m not exonerating him, by any stretch. But where most people would have offered sympathy for a man hurting, you can bet Hughes saw her opportunity. How else would Hughes get ahead?

Hughes is a “run of the mill” white girl, at least where I’m from. “Nothing to write home about,” as they say. In fact, Hughes did an interview on BBC, and commenters asked if she was a “tranny.” I heard she cried about this, and it was the only time I felt sorry for her.

After dealing with her first hand, and watching her cleverly block the careers of those better than she, I lost respect for Hughes.

It was soon evident to me that in political circles, people considered her a joke. Her commentary isn’t overly informative or clever. SNL even lampooned “SNH,” as she often describes herself.

But what I find most surprising in her waging a lawsuit for sexual harassment is she KNOWS who she is. Certainly Hughes, excuse me SNH knows her reputation in the industry?!

Yes, she’s THAT girl.

An acquaintance of mine and Hughes who worked at the same organization where I was a consultant told Red Alert Politics,

“That is literally her pattern, to sleep with, do stuff with, to get ahead.” Lee then recounted how a 22-year-old man who worked with her and Hughes showed her photos of himself and Hughes in bed together. He claimed he took the pictures to impress his college frat brothers.

“It was so hard working with her because she was constantly playing the ‘I’m the best Christian southern woman, my children, my husband,’ but the whole time we saw her carry on multiple conversations on her phone with multiple guys,” she continued.

In the article, Red Alert Politics show emails that clearly exonerate Payne and Fox News.

In the exchange on September 3, 2013, near the beginning of their relationship, Hughes sent Payne a graphic e-mail in which she discussed a recent sex dream she had involving the two of them in a swimming pool.

“Do you know what I keep dreaming about.. You and I in the pool… My legs wrapped around your waste and you have me pressed up against the wall of the pool,” Hughes wrote. “Skin glistening and smelling of coconut… You thrusting yourself deeper inside with each push… And your fingers grasping each of my cheeks,” Hughes wrote.

The woman is a pathological sociopath. And this will not end well for Hughes.

Was she so desperate for fame and fortune she is willing to torpedo her career? Because I assure you, the emails showcased about Hughes are not the only ones that exist.

And a Congressional run? Surely the woman can’t be serious.

I can only surmise that Hughes either thought no real evidence stood in the way of her Fox News payday. Or perhaps she just decided to put all her chips on black?

The Red Alert Politics article continued,

Red Alert Politics spoke to six other acquaintances and colleagues of Hughes, and all either confirmed this behavior or did not find it surprising.

Trust me, there exist lots more.

Scottie Nell Hughes put herself on blast. I’m not sure why.

What I can say is her “style” got her close to the Trump campaign, a gig with CNN, and on SNL. So, she must feel that all publicity is good publicity.

As for me, I find so-called conservative women like her deplorable. Get ahead at all cost types. As Doctor Phil would say, “How’s that working for you?”

Before you answer, remember Kim Kardashian. She’s a woman who launched a career on sex tapes and photoshop.



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