Seattle Councilman: Removing Excrement off Sidewalks is RACIALLY INSENSITIVE

Seattle Councilman: Removing Excrement off Sidewalks is RACIALLY INSENSITIVE

A couple of things stick out in the story about a Seattle councilman.

First, he doesn’t want to remove sh*t off the sidewalk. That’s disgusting in itself.

Second, his rationale is even more disgusting. He says removing sh*t off the sidewalk is racially insensitive.

You can imagine why unsanitary conditions exist in Seattle, WA. Big cities are cesspools because these cities are run by fools known as Democrats. These leftists create the most foul ecosystems on the planet. And they cover up their mismanagement with football stadiums and airport taxes. Nonetheless, after the cheering fans have returned to the suburbs, the bottom-feeders come out at night.

These people dig through the trash, find their newest residences in the form of cardboard boxes, as well as their meals. Afterwards, the bottom-dwellers piss and crap all over the city and call it a night.

In Seattle several judges and a sheriff who work at the King County Courthouse in Seattle have requested help with unsanitary conditions outside the courthouse. However one councilman has objected to the cleaning plan, claiming it is racially insensitive.

According to the Seattle Times.

Two King County Superior Court judges are asking for help cleaning up the courthouse at Third Avenue and James Street after they say two jurors and half a dozen employees have been assaulted.

The judges, Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers, acknowledged Tuesday that there are difficult underlying circumstances contributing to the unsanitary and potentially frightening atmosphere around the courthouse.

They — along with King County Sheriff John Urquhart — also recognized that there are two elements at play: crime and the fear of crime, with the latter being just as likely to keep people away as the former.

So these judges exercise common sense in asking for the city to intervene in two big problems: cleanliness and safety.

Yet a city councilman fights them? More on him in a bit.

The article continues,

The nearby blocks host most of the city’s homeless-shelter beds and many of its social-service outlets, which draw those who need help and the people who prey on them. That’s nothing new, Rogers said.

But, for whatever reasons, things have gotten worse over the past few years and jurors and potential jurors report being afraid to go to the courthouse, the judges said.

The judges said they have started hearing from jurors who want to do their civic jury duty at the county’s superior courthouse in Kent because they don’t want to come to the downtown courthouse.

“I’ve never seen it this bad,” Rogers said in a Tuesday morning presentation to the Metropolitan King County Council’s committee on government accountability and oversight.

The councilman who fights against sanity is Larry Gossett.

Along with alluding black people are sh*t, the councilman offers another rationale for his idiotic notion.

He said he was concerned that power-washing the feces and urine off the sidewalk would bring back images of the civil-rights era when black civil rights activists were hosed by local authorities.

That’s right, Gossett is concerned that the potential PTSD black people may suffer in seeing water cannons. With that logic, how does Seattle put out its fires?

And you wonder why black people like me exist?! I exist to out the idiots and real racists on the Left.

How insane to not want to protect the public from the nuisance of unsanitary waste and homeless criminals by using black people as pawns. But you can bet that blacks in Seattle and elsewhere will say “no harm no foul.”

Let’s examine Larry Gossett’s background, shall we.

A native of Seattle, Gossett is a 1963 graduate of Franklin High School. He attend the University of Washington (U.W.) and while there spent a year volunteering with VISTA in Harlem.

Gossett’s motive for joining VISTA were not altruistic, but instead done as a draft deferment. However, his work with VISTA and time in Harlem is said to have radicalized him.

Returning to Seattle, Gossett became a founder of the Black Student Union on the U.W. campus. Further, he helped to organize nearly a dozen high school and middle school Black Student Unions throughout Seattle.

By Gossett’s own account, he attended the founding meeting of Seattle’s Black Panther chapter, and also attended Panther leader Bobby Hutton’s 1968 funeral. Moreover, he worked on several political actions with Panther Party members and has said positive things about their legacy. Gossett admits that while he “was closely associated with the party” he never actually joined.

I have no problem with Larry Gossett doing pro-black things. Given his age, he felt the pain of discrimination at the hands of Democrats. Yet ironically, Gossett hails from the Party of Black Oppression: Democratic.

My problem is when these old black relics don’t recognize their lunacy.

Washing excrement and urine off the sidewalks has nothing to do with the lack of civil rights. Not doing so curtails the civil rights of all citizens, including blacks.



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