Shia LaBeouf verbally assaulted a white officer, telling him his wife watches porn and fantasizes about African-American male genitals. Shia was off the rails this weekend when he was arrested by Savannah cops for public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Shortly after arriving in handcuffs at the police station, Shia ranted to the cop that he must feel ashamed his wife prefers ‘black d***.

As we reported, Shia got downright racist during the fingerprinting process, telling a black cop he was going to hell because of his skin color.

Interesting “slam” of the white police officer, as he pulled the “Mandingo” card on the officer’s wife.

And here I thought Hollyweirdos were so understanding of race and gender.

What if the officer was gay, and he was the “woman” in the relationship? Further, could the officer’s “husband” be black, ergo has his own ‘black d***’?

Leftism can be so confusing, when you consider all the options. As for LeBeouf, he explains how “the Devil made him do it.”