Conservatives Should Shut Up and LET TRUMP TWEET

Conservatives Should Shut Up and LET TRUMP TWEET

Let me begin by saying I like Ben Shapiro.

He reminds me of a young William F. Buckley. Intelligent, witty, even charming. I’d even add gifted and talented.

I watched his commentary on college campuses, and marvel at his coolness under fire. But then again, he is dealing with snowflakes. Which brings me to what I don’t like about Ben Shapiro.

As much as I admire Ben, he also reminds me of the kid who got his ass kicked every day on the playground. That is unless somebody like me protected him.

President Donald Trump recently tweeted a GIF where he punched another person with the CNN logo superimposed on their head. Shapiro called Trump’s tweet, a lack of “moral leadership.”

Spoken like somebody who has never fought for a cause beyond his intellect.

I’d begin by asking Shapiro to define “moral leadership.” Because I certainly see none coming from the Left.

They have accused Trump of being a racist, a misogynist, a womanizer, a xenophobic, when none is the case. Is that moral leadership?

Leftists create fake narratives about Trump condoning violence against fellow Americans, and then claim he tried to rig an election we all know they actually did attempt to rig. How’s that for “moral leadership?”

And for Shapiro, when Trump fires back in a tweet, suddenly he wants decorum?

As Glenn Beck put it,

Conservatives and liberals seemed to split on partisan lines over the strange tweet, with the left saying it encouraged violence. But if President Barack Obama had tweeted a GIF where he was beating up someone with a conservative symbol imposed over the head, people on the right would have been furious, Glenn Beck said on Thursday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program.”

“We would have gone ape crazy,” he said.

Beck is as wrong as Shapiro on what our reaction would have been to Obama.

Not that Obama ever needed to fight the media.

However, if he had tweeted what Trump did, this would have been much ado about nothing.

I recall when somebody depicted Obama as Superman. Sure, we wrote about it, as the Left certainly felt they had found their Superman, or baby black Jesus as I have called him. We attacked Obama, because we knew him not to be Superman. I’d equate him to Lex Luthor, except Luthor was a competent villain.

To answer Beck’s question for me and most conservatives I know, we would have chuckled at the idea of Obama beating anybody up. Nobody thought of making Obama beat anybody up, because the thought was laughable. You do remember Obama’s workout pictures?

You can bet even the late night talk show hacks would have much fodder had that happened.

According to the article,

But people seem too partisan these days to be able to see the opposite side’s perspective. Guest Ben Shapiro pointed to approval ratings for Trump as evidence that people will just side with their “team” instead of holding leaders accountable.

“We’re using the polarization as an excuse for bad behavior,” Shapiro said.

While he doesn’t expect liberals to follow his same principles, Shapiro said he had formerly expected conservatives to maintain their standards.

Standards. Hmm. Exactly what are our standards as conservatives?

Ben Shapiro apparently knows.

I’d like to ask Ben Shapiro what standards he would have if ISIS had a knife to the throat of one of his loved ones?

You see, it’s easy to talk “standards” in the theoretical world. It’s likely Shapiro grew up middle to upper middle-class. He’s fought for little, so little in fact he doesn’t see a reason to fight. He actually misses the bigger fight. I’ll get back to that.

Trump fights daily. He fights an establishment that has no rules. Yet, Shapiro expects Trump to play by them.

Donald Trump has accomplished amazing things since becoming president, and half the country doesn’t know it. Half of the other half then “back-seat drives,” accusing the president of lacking “moral leadership.”

What Shapiro wants President Trump to do is maintain some “idea” of what Shapiro believes leadership is. He recommends that Trump use intellect in fighting his battles.

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would have declared had Shapiro recommended using intellect with the British.

Back to the bigger fight.

What Shapiro and his ilk don’t understand is the Left has a blade to the neck of the world. And they will slice our throats.

Trump’s tweet fights against those who cross our borders illegally to wreak havoc in America. Gang violence, human trafficking, drugs, even terror.

So, I ask Shapiro and others who believe Trump waddles in the mud with leftists, “What would you do to get your sister back, if she were kidnapped and made a sex slave in some Third World armpit?”

What would you do to prevent the senseless murder of your loved one at the hands of an armed robber who was in this country illegally?

Every Twitter attack and counter-attack by Trump on the Left should be met with celebration. Trump’s tweets are bigger than Twitter and surprisingly more than Shapiro or Beck can comprehend. Both appear to be men caught up in convention, so results be damned.

To Beck and Shapiro I ask who they believe has been the most effective at man-handling the media? Do either of these men expect the media to “come around” to our way of thinking?

The one truism in politics over the past five decades is that the media hates conservatives and loves leftists.

For far too long conservatives ignored this truism. Further, we turned the other cheek, preferring to show “moral leadership.” And America has fallen into moral decay for it.

We are far past the time to fight–and fight with the tenacity of those who feel their lives are in danger. Because they are. This is not about a tweet, it’s about a message. The big picture.

Trump beat the media. And each time he accomplishes this, conservatives smell the aroma of victory.

Overwhelmingly, we understood it, even cheered it. We finally had a president who understood the big picture. We had a president willing to abandon convention, because he understands the price of freedom has no depths to which a warrior won’t stoop.

I’m no idealist. I predict Trump’s moves by knowing myself. And I say to Beck and Shapiro, hit one of my kids and see how much “moral leadership” I show.

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