Somali Shoplifter BRUTALLY CONFRONTED by Woman [VIDEO]

Somali Shoplifter BRUTALLY CONFRONTED by Woman [VIDEO]

Apparently all Finnish women are not simply going down spread-eagle to the Muslim invasion.

Watch what this Finnish woman does when this Somali immigrant decides to test her.

The nerve of this ingrate. He tried to just blast by her with things, as if society owed him something.

And you can see by his behavior that he’s done this before. 

But the Somalis have impacted Finland in more ways than their thievery from grocery stores. And the news is not good for Finland.

This report came in 2016, and documented Finland’s stance on immigration.

The arrival of 30,000 refugees last year in Finland – a country of roughly 5.5 million people – prompted more open manifestations of anti-immigrant feelings, from anti-migrant street patrols to a wave of racist statements in the public. “The change from a non-debate to a very heated one happened very suddenly,” Riikka Purra, a PhD student researching humanitarian interventions and immigration told DW.

Few refugees had come to Finland before the 2015 migration movement to Europe. From 1973-2013, around 40,000 refugees moved to Finland, most of them from Chile, Vietnam, Iraq and Somalia. Of the 30,000 refugees who reached the northern European country last year, between 10-15,000 will be allowed to stay permanently.

Because Finland has taken such a lax stance on refugees, they are paying the price.

As documented here, rape culture runs rampant in some EU countries.

A colourful map shows that Finland is one of the top countries in the EU for incidents of violence against women. Using figures from the European Agency for Fundamental Rights, some 47 percent of women in Finland have experienced violence at some point in their lives since the age of 15.

The only other country in the EU with a higher percentage is Denmark, with 52 percent. Among the lowest percentages of violence against women were in Hungary (21 percent), Ireland (15 percent) and Austria (13 percent).

Any ideas as to why for example Ireland has one-third the rape culture of Finland?

This report offers a suggestion:

According to a new analysis by of data from the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency), Ireland ranks poorly among European nations for our administrative treatment of asylum-seekers over the last few years, by several different measures.


For example, Ireland’s favourable asylum decisions were 20 times fewer than Norway’s, despite the two countries having almost identical populations.

And you can bet the same is true for any and all countries who limit the number of Muslim refugees.

Multiculturalism fails every time. By the time the Finnish realize they have prostituted their culture, it will be too late.



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