Democrats Admit: ‘Our NEW MESSAGE Sucks!’

Democrats Admit: ‘Our NEW MESSAGE Sucks!’

How long has the Democratic Party been in existence?

The Party that condoned slavery and hung black people now want a makeover. How will they top that?

Oh, you thought the Democrats changed? Planned Parenthood, started by a Klan-loving, black-people-hating white racist Democrat still thrives. In fact, Planned Parenthood works so well, it kills black babies at 300 percent the national average then sells baby parts, as black people cheer.

Democrats have owned the black vote for decades. Yet, black neighborhoods are so bad, the Congressional Black Circus clowns who represent blacks won’t live in them.

And when Democrats are not directly harassing blacks, they harass the rest of the nation with their insanity. The Party is made up of misfits and miscreants all crying for milk. Leftists are like 17-year-olds still breast-feeding from their feminist mothers’ silicon-enhanced breasts.

Democrats got their pompous asses kicked, because they proved in the last election how much they hate the soul of the country. The Party demonstrated so much hate, even black people understood it, and stayed home. Talk about a wake-up call.

So, after decades of destroying America with insane policies, the Democrats finally lost big enough to have to find religion.

TBS lampooned the Democrats’ new message:

We watched Hillary Clinton flounder around, searching for that elusive “what do I stand for” thing. In fact, there were like 84 core messages before her camp settled on the uber-lame “Stronger Together.”

That message failed miserably, as black people didn’t get the memo. But hey, no worries. The Dems’ new core message is being worked on.

NY House Dem Caucus Chairman Joe Crawley explains:

That message is being worked on. We’re doing everything we can to simplify it, but at the same time provide the meat behind it as well. So that’s coming together now.

And as the AP noted,

The admission from the No. 4 House Democrat — that his party lacks a clear, core message even amid Republican disarray — highlights the Democrats’ dilemma eight months after President Donald Trump and the GOP dominated last fall’s elections, in part, because Democrats lacked a consistent message.

Funny the Democrats just now recognize they don’t have a core message.

I’m curious as to when was the last time the Democrats actually had a core message. And if it’s lost, then I suggest they look in the last place they put it.

If I were a Democrat I’d start looking in the year 2008. Their message was “Change we can believe in!”, and Obama was the messenger.It seems America got the message, and in 2016 decided to implement “Change we can REALLY believe in!”

Well we weren’t the only ones who lampooned the new message.

According to the Washington Examiner,

A new national agenda put forth by Democrats is receiving, at best, a lukewarm reception among journalists and major news publications.

Congressional Democrats on Monday officially announced their “Better Deal” platform, a set of goals for better-paying jobs, readily available healthcare and increased regulation on large corporate businesses.

The agenda is an apparent effort by Democrats to refocus the party on policy proposals instead of serving as simply an opposition to the Trump administration, but some in the national media said it fell flat.

Referring to the platform’s targeting big business monopolies, the New York Times editorial board said it “seems more populist talking point than legislative possibility.” The paper also expressed skepticism about whether Democrats were serious in their proposal or simply planning to use it for the midterm elections.

“If Democrats believe their ideas will provide middle-class people with better jobs, wages and futures,” said the Times, “they should do everything possible to move them through Congress, and worry later about who gets credit.”

Populist? Sounds rather Trumpian.

Further, the NY Times is right in that the Democrats have had decades to do something and failed, particularly in the Obama era.

But the NY Times wasn’t the only media outlet to pile on, as the article suggests.

An editorial by the Washington Post similarly said the “Better Deal” agenda was “less than compelling” because it lacked solutions to problems President Trump successfully campaigned on, like international trade and tax reform.

“Democrats are right that the United States hungers for a more equitable and effective alternative to GOP economics,” said the Post. “Obviously, though, they’re still working on it.”

Yes, the Democrats are still working on it. In the meantime, they will just continue their anti-Trump crusade.

I can’t wait until 2018 for us to prove again how wrong the leftists are.

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