Trump Cracks Down: Exposes BILLION DOLLAR Obamacare Fraud

Trump Cracks Down: Exposes BILLION DOLLAR Obamacare Fraud

Consider how leftists hype issues.

One such issue is opioid abuse. How did this suddenly become mainstream?

Obama watched as use of heroin spiked to crazy proportions, yet he did nothing. In fact, he made it easier for dope heads to get their meds.

These mostly leftist crackhead zombies move from hospital to hospital pretending to be in pain. They then either load up on painkillers for themselves or sell the prescription drugs for harder drugs like heroin.

Hollyweirdos (mostly addicts themselves) do their court-mandate public service announcements on the dangers of drugs, while their leftist enablers pretend to care.

As the NY Daily News reported,

The U.S. Justice Department on Thursday announced charges against 412 people for taking part in healthcare frauds and opioid-related crimes that cost taxpayers about $1.3 billion.

The arrests came as part of what the department said was the largest healthcare fraud takedown in U.S. history. Those arrested included 120 doctors and other people charged for their roles in prescribing and distributing opioid painkillers.

The defendants include six doctors in Michigan accused of operating a scheme to prescribe patients with unnecessary opioids and of billing the Medicare healthcare program for $164 million in fraudulent claims.

Another case involved a fake Florida rehab clinic that recruited addicts with gift cards, visits to strip clubs and even drugs, resulting in $58 million in false treatments and tests, prosecutors said.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in Washington that the takedown highlighted the “enormity of the fraud challenge we face.

“This problem is compounded by the fact that our country is in the midst of the deadliest drug crisis in our history,” Sessions added.

But what did Obama do? Nothing good.

In what he described as a “top priority,” Obama explains the problem that Obamacare exacerbated.

As The Hill documents, it only took Obama 7+ years in his presidency to address what he deemed an “epidemic.”

President Obama signed a bill aimed at addressing opioid addiction Friday, though he called out Republicans for the measure’s shortcomings.

Lawmakers in both parties reached a compromise over the bipartisan Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act, though Senate Democrats held out hope until the final hour that they could win more funding for treatment.

“This legislation includes some modest steps to address the opioid epidemic,” Obama said in a statement. “Given the scope of this crisis, some action is better than none. However, I am deeply disappointed that Republicans failed to provide any real resources for those seeking addiction treatment to get the care that they need.”

He also noted that GOP lawmakers had blocked an additional $920 million in funding for addiction treatment.

When exactly did opioids become an epidemic worthy of consideration?

As the Washington Examiner reported, Obama knows the outcome of his ineptness.

“This crisis is taking lives. It’s destroying families,” Obama said in Charleston.

Yet the crisis had been building for five years at that point, and critics say Obama’s reactions were too little and too late. Some say his government even contributed to the crisis by approving painkillers liable to abuse.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) first identified prescription drug abuse as a major problem in 2011, when it released statistics that showed more people died from opioid overdoses than from car crashes.

Prescription painkiller and heroin overdose deaths have since risen to all-time highs. From 2009-14, the rate of overdose deaths from heroin abuse increased by 240 percent, from 1 per 100,000 people dying of an overdose to 3.4, according to data from the CDC.


In other words, Obama is the father of the opioid crisis.

And Obamacare was the method of delivery.

Moreover, like a good leftist, Obama tried to solve the problem by throwing money at it.

When you add painkiller overdose deaths to the heroin numbers, the rate of overall deaths increased 25 percent from 2009 (nearly 12 people per 100,000) to 2014 (nearly 15 people), according to the CDC.

Opioids, including prescription painkillers and heroin, killed more than 33,000 people in the United States in 2015, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These are pathetic numbers by anybody’s standards. But did you ever hear the media fault Obama for what Obama himself called an “epidemic?” Thankfully, President Trump is a man of action. And that’s why he’s cracking down at the source.

The very doctors who helped addicts exploit Obamacare are going down. Sessions said the charges against the 120 people for opioid-related crimes made the crackdown the biggest of its kind in U.S. history. Why didn’t Obama think of this? Trump’s solution cost the taxpayers nothing, and in fact saved us potentially $1.3 billion.

For those keeping score, Obama cost taxpayers $1 billion for “rehab,” and Trump saved America $1.3 billion. Thus, Trump will recover our $1.3 billion and stop the hemorrhaging by way of fraud.



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