Trump SHOWCASES Obama’s Legacy of Failure with Another HUGE Win

Trump SHOWCASES Obama’s Legacy of Failure with Another HUGE Win

The announcement was just made. Trump is winning on more levels than anyone can count.

Trump crushes Obama's legacy #KevinJackson Foxconn earmarked a $10 billion investment, as they build a plant in America. 

Just so the point is not lost: a Chinese company is building a manufacturing plant in America.

Anybody remember when that happened under Obama? Don’t rack your brain trying, as it never happened.

Obama warned Americans that we would need to understand how the new world worked. Some jobs were not coming back, like Carrier. To bring jobs back to America would take a magic wand.

But Obama had a plan. He would extend unemployment as long as he could. And when that ran out, he would get you on welfare. The government would take care of you.

And then America got a real leader. We now have a president who actually understands business, economics, finance, trade, taxes, and a host of other things. Trump saved Carrier. Then he put the word out to the world that our do-nothing slack president left the building, Elvis. Now the world would learn the art of the deal.

Under Trump, more than a million jobs were added to the economy or saved by Trump. And the list of companies is a Who’s Who that have committed billions to America.

The Next Big Boost

Chinese manufacturing giant Foxconn now adds 3,000 jobs initially to the U.S. economy. Eventually the company will create approximately 13,000 jobs. Hey Barack, these are jobs Americans actually want.

As the Wall Street Journal reports:

The plan, announced Wednesday at a White House ceremony, marks the first major U.S. investment for Foxconn, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics and the maker of iPhones and other gadgets for Apple Inc. The factory is the first in a series of U.S. investments planned by Foxconn, which also owns Sharp Corp. SHCAY -0.39% , a senior White House official said. Company Chairman Terry Gou is betting the U.S. can rebuild an electronics supply chain that largely shifted to China and other lower-cost Asian countries in recent decades.

A senior White House official said Foxconn’s decision reflects the benefits of President Donald Trump’s policies, including “buy America principles” and a “commitment to pass major tax reform and infrastructure spending.” Mr. Trump carried Wisconsin in last year’s election with a campaign in which he promised to bring manufacturing jobs to the U.S.

When is the last time you heard news about a factory coming TO America? That’s something Obama never even dreamed of. Further, Obama certainly didn’t try to accomplish anything that magnanimous. Yet, Trump made it happen in the first year of his presidency.

It Doesn’t Stop Here

In addition to Foxconn, Apple is planning to add three more factories in America.

Current plans to build in Wisconsin signal the creation of a Wiscon Valley. These are manufacturing jobs, i.e., the type of jobs Obama said weren’t coming back.

We mentioned that Foxconn expects to employ roughly 13,000 people manufacturing jobs. They estimate around 10,000 construction jobs will also be created. Finally, another 22,000 residual jobs will help boost the Wisconsin economy, as businesses spring up to support the factory.

The new Foxconn factory is what putting America to work looks like. Leftists don’t recognize it, because Obama’s unemployment success meant more people quit working.



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