Trump deals FATAL BLOW to Leftists on Major Policy Issues

Trump deals FATAL BLOW to Leftists on Major Policy Issues

Donald Trump knows the art of the deal.

And in Trump’s latest deal he practically dares the Left to fight him.

In fact, he’s technically siding with them.

Trump wants the Middle East countries to protect themselves. Thus, he wants America out of the “nation-building” business. The money he plans to save will go back into “roads and bridges.” This strategy by the president creates quite a problem for leftists.

As The Daily Caller wrote,

President Donald Trump continued his non-interventionist rhetoric from the campaign trail in an interview that aired Thursday on the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“We have to rebuild our country. Our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our schools,” Trump told Pat Robertson. “We will have in another few months, have spent $7 trillion in the Middle East. Seven Trillion.”

This number President Trump is using falls in line with the high end of expenditure studies. A Brown University study said: “By 2053, interest costs will be at least $7.9 trillion unless the U.S. changes the way it pays for the wars.”

Trump went on to say: “And then if you want to spend two dollars on building a school in Iowa, or in Pennsylvania, or in Florida, they don’t want to give you the money.”

What a price America has paid only to get nothing back.

Leftists agree with that logic. Moreover, they agree with what Trump poses as a solution.

The Daily Caller continues:

“How ridiculous is this?,” Trump added. He said that the U.S. got “nothing” from all of its engagement in the Middle East. The U.S. has toppled the governments of Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq in the past 16 years.

The Taliban is now resurgent in Afghanistan, Iraq is fending off ISIS, and Libya has become a haven for radical Islamic terrorists.

“The Middle East is a mess,” Trump said. He added that he is there for only “one reason,” and that is to “get rid of the terrorists.” This implies that Trump is not going to engage in the nation building of past administrations.

“We’re almost there. We have really made headway,” Trump commented about this fight against terror. Mosul, the large Iraqi city where the Islamic State declared its caliphate, was liberated from ISIS control on Monday.

And what about that strategy of letting the Middle East take care of itself?

The recent Saudi arms deal, the largest arms deal in history between our nations was Trump telling the Saudis, “We’re out!” 

Protecting one’s country falls on the government, and those who wish to protect their way of life, whatever that way of life may be. And now that money can return to the American economy.

Trump deals fatal blow #kevinjacksonDespite all the money spent during the Era of Obama, more than 65,000 US bridges are still in need of repair or replacement. Many of our facilities such as water treatment plants have reached the end of their useful lifespans. However, we waste millions trying to patch them up and keep them moving along instead of investing in solid upgrades that will stand the test of time.

Talk about the right man for the job. Trump knows construction. And he knows how to negotiate the best deal. Better yet, he knows how to complete projects on time and on budget.


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