TRUMP’S RADAR: Future Got Dim for This Sleazy Democrat

TRUMP’S RADAR: Future Got Dim for This Sleazy Democrat

When you get on Trump’s radar, it can be like the naughty list for Santa, only worse. Because when Trump calls you out, it can impact your future.

A tweet by Trump on Monday referred to Senior Democrat Adam Schiff (Calif.) from the House Intelligence Panel as “sleazy” and “biased.”


The president’s comments were completely warranted.

Sunday Schiff appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation.” Schiff said Trump’s concerns center around his finances.

As The Hill reported:

“The president is clearly worried,” about accusations that Russia laundered money through the Trump Organization.” Schiff added: “What concerns me the most is anything that could be held over the president’s head that could influence U.S. policy,”

Schiff knows this is complete nonsense. Yet he continues to offer this drivel in hopes it will stick.

TBS is on record to say that this is a fool’s strategy. Thus, the reason the Democrats will follow the strategy to the gates of Hell.

The end game is to keep expanding the “investigation” in hopes that they can find out what sticks. The Left lets the air out of their balloon with each passing fake news story.

Trump in an interview last week said that it would be “a violation” for special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate his or his family’s finances beyond looking for potential ties between Trump’s campaign staff members and the Kremlin.

Trump has in the past decried the Russia probe as a “witch hunt” and as a Democratic excuse for losing the presidential race.

A Biased Investigation

Schiff isn’t exactly running a tight ship. A few weeks ago we reported that Schiff cancelled testimony from key Trump supporters.

Democrats claim they want to know what happened in Russia. At least where Trump is involved, which is nowhere. Yet, Schiff wouldn’t allow certain witnesses to testify before his committee.

When asked for a reason, he refused to answer the question.

About a dozen witnesses scheduled to testify were cancelled by Democrats. They were told the committee needed more time to prepare. More likely, they needed more time to evade the truth.

Even Russians have offered to come forward to testify. The Russians have tired of being the butt of the ruse for the Democrats. You can bet they won’t be kind if allowed to tell their side of this fake news tale of woe.

Schiff, et al don’t look for any answers. They merely hope to run out the clock.

Interestingly, polls show them losing on every side of this argument. The American public doesn’t care about Russia. Further, Democrats are getting pounded, becoming the Party of obstruction. A high percentage of people see the Democrats as merely anti-Trump. Unlike Obama however, Trump continues to perform in spite of the Left.

Lower unemployment, stock market records, industry renewals in areas thought lost to foreign shores, all proof that Trump’s policies work. And once the president has untangled Obamacare, you can expect GDPs we haven’t seen in more than a decade.

President Trump will pass tax reform, and repatriate trillions of dollars to the economy. He will then implement a true healthcare overhaul that will save Americans money.

Then every Democrat who went against the president will suffer his or her fate.


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